Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer Highlights: If You Let A Dog Into The Garage…

This summer was the hottest one I have ever experienced.  Bar none.  It was simply too hot to do anything outside.   About the only time we ventured out was take our puppy, Greta, out to do her business. 


She about melted just like the cute hound in the picture above!  So of course we let the boys keep her in the garage.  But ONLY the garage. Because, we reminded them, she will one day be an outside dog--just as soon as it cools down and we pick a place to build her kennel.

That said, when you have boys that are bored and a puppy who is, well, a puppy, boundaries are bound to be tested!

Greta soon found a bed of blankets just INSIDE the garage door, and wasted no time staking a claim.  No one knew how the bed got there.  Of course.IMAG1328

But all three boys took turns keeping her company on the nice soft bed.  That no one knew who put there.  The older two spent just as much time with her as the little guy.


And when no boy was keeping Greta company on that nice soft bed, she “army-crawled” down the hallway to see where they were!  IMAG1339

Over and over again.

Each time, I made the-boys-who-didn’t know-who-gave-her-a-blanket-inside-the-house leave their video games in the other room to come chase her back to “her place”. 

Which had become kind of fuzzy even in my mind.

Until, that is, I noticed, that SOMEBODY had been unraveling the throw rug!  Oh, yes!  Don’t let her aloofness fool you!  threads missing

She and I BOTH know who did it!

IMAG1458what do you say

And no amount of puppy-dog-eyes will put those threads back on my rug.

too cute to condemn

And yet, she stays. 

Even though it has cooled off substantially outside, she’s living inside on the blanket that nobody knows who left for her.

I think it’s safe to say that she has permanently carved herself out a place at the edge of the newly shoddy rug.  Not to mention in a corner of each of our hearts!

Who would have thought that we would be letting her slip the boundaries like this?  Lol! 

A quasi-inside-dog is another (dubious) milestone for our family.  But watching the boys show a tender side (which I didn’t know they had) is totally worth it.  :)

She can have the rug.


in the coop said...

Our dogs have never stepped a paw in our house, but they have never given me a look like Greta gave you. Oh my word, she is adorable!

Mari said...

Awww - she's so cute and who can get past those eyes?

Christina said...

Oh goodness! Her puppy eyes...