Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chickens Part 2: The Ride Home

I watched in the side view mirror fully expecting to see our free coop, along with our free hens, go free-falling around one of the next bends in the road. 
We were going all of about 25 mph. 
I watched the cars pull up behind us then back off till it was clear to pass.  No doubt they were trying to avoid our trail of feathers and poo-dust.  Not to be confused with star dust.
My husband began to quote random Jeff Foxworthy.  I don’t know why.  And he wouldn’t stop.
The insanity of what we were doing had us laughing to the point of tears.  
Yet my deep-seated type A core knew it would be great if we arrived home with at least half a plan for what we were going to do.  I got out a scrap of paper and pen, and put on my serious-plan-face.
  • First of all, where are we going to put it?  Back yard?  Side yard?  Near the garden?  Hmmm.  Not sure.  We’ll have to walk around and look.  Just not close enough to the house to smell…
  • How are we going to get it off the trailer?  Pull it to the end of the trailer with the loader.  But then what? The two of us sure couldn’t budge it alone.  We’ll keep thinking about that one.
  • Clean out the coop.  Easy, but SO not looking forward to this new job.
  • Tools we’ll need from the garage to repair the door… Screw gun, screws.
  • For the actual pen part?  Have the boys drag the kennel panels up from out back.
  • And finally, something to put over the pen to keep the hawks, eagles and owls from dining on our new fine feathered friends.   Pick up a roll of fence from Rural King… 
With at least a few plans in place, we addressed the inevitable.  Someone was going to have to look in on these girls while we were away.
I pulled out my phone and texted my good friend and neighbor.  “Hey girl, do you think your husband would mind checking on a few more critters when he feeds our cats next week?”
I included a grainy picture of the hens in their crate.
When we got to the house (and yes, we did make it all the way home with our cargo intact), there was a message from my friend on our machine. 
“Hello, are those CHICKENS???  Call me.”
We will never live this one down.
Stay tuned for Chickens Part 3:  Home.  Now What??


Mari said...

Ha! "Are those chickens?" :)
I enjoyed part 2!

in the coop said...

We've done the same kind of ride with mattresses, 12 ft. Christmas trees, and the like, but never a chicken coop. I can completely picture it. You give new meaning to the phrase, "Flying by the seat of your pants." I love it.