Thursday, July 5, 2012

2012 Fireworks

July 4 2012-001

Our local fireworks display was canceled because of our extremely dry conditions.  So we had to travel a bit farther to see these.  But it was worth it!  Nothing says summer quite like a 4th of July fireworks show!  And these were wonderful!  In fact, I couldn’t pick a favorite.  Thus the collage!  Lol!  But more is good, right?

Growing up, I remember going to Lititz, Pennsylvania every year for their fireworks display.  It was the best in the area.  We would pack up our folding lawn chairs, a few blankets and a Frisbee and head out plenty early to get the best spot on the lawn.

My brother and I would toss the Frisbee till we couldn’t see it any longer.  And then the show would begin.  There would be Ooooh’s and Aaaaaah’s a-plenty. And of course I held my fingers in my ears.

When my dad judged the show was about to end, he would give the command and we would all have to pack up our things and run for the car.  The only finales I ever saw were out the back window of the car through the trees!

And did we ever escape the traffic?  No!  Lol! 

So as a mom, I don’t hurry the experience.  There will be no folding of chairs till the very last pop sounds.  :)  And we enjoy a round of applause. 

Besides, half the fun for me is watching dads carrying sleepy little toddlers on their shoulders, pacifiers firmly in place.  And moms holding tight the hands of older children who are barely able to contain their excitement as they twirl their colorful glow rings.  And young people, oblivious to everyone around them as they walk hand in hand. 

I have to say that I take much of the freedom we enjoy for granted.  But on this night especially, as I watch so many families, it is good to remember at what price this freedom has been won.  May God continue to bless our country, and turn the hearts of our leaders back to Him.

* * *

Youth Group Leader Update:  The leader (who was injured in an accident on the bus on the way home from the mission trip) continues to recover.  The good news is that his vision is good in the injured eye.  The bad news is, he will most likely need surgery when the swelling goes down to repair the fractures in the eye socket.  Also, pray that he regains movement in that eye.  It is not what it should be yet.  Thanks, friends!


Christina said...

We drove two hours to spend the day with some of our closest friends (who just moved last month) yesterday. We even watched fireworks with them, which means we got home about 1:30 a.m. What an adventure! It's a once-a-year thing, though, so we figured we'd better make the most of it.

I love your photos and your fireworks story. And I'm so thankful to hear that the youth leader is doing a bit better. I'll keep praying.

Mari said...

I've always loved fireworks and your pictures are great! Thanks for the update on the youth leader. Good news!