Friday, June 29, 2012

Journey 2012: Join Us In Prayer For Our Youth Group!

Wednesday evening, our oldest two boys and 25 other people boarded a bus bound for Alabama to help with tornado relief.  The bus they boarded was a 40 foot double-decker motor coach equipped with seats and bunk beds, courtesy of Lightrider Ministries


The setup of the bus allows for the group to travel while they sleep, and use every waking moment for meetings, growth and team building.  :)  It can even serve as a mobile chuck wagon! 

Before they boarded, we were able to take a quick tour of both floors.  Talk about cool!  You can take a photo tour of the inside here. :)

Here is my middle man and two friends.


Their work projects include hanging drywall, siding and soffit.  So pray for the leaders especially.  I’m pretty sure there aren’t many kids in the group who have experience with these skills!  Fun

They arrived on site yesterday morning and got to work.  The boys said it was a “terrible hot day”.  Unfortunately, today and tomorrow will be worse with forecasted temps around 105. 

They are pretty excited to be taking a break this afternoon to visit a water park!

They will work again tomorrow.  Then they’ll pack up, board the bus and no doubt sleep through the drive home.  It will be great to see them again and hear all about their trip Sunday morning!

Pray with us for:

  • Safety for all
  • Much work to be accomplished
  • Growth as a team
  • And A Deepening faith in our awesome God.


Mari said...

What a cool bus!
I know they are going to have a great time. Trips like this help kids grow closer to each other and to God. Praying for the leaders is good. :) We were Youth leaders for quite a few years and these trips mean busy days without much sleep, but so much fun!
Praying for all of them.

in the coop said...

Our oldest went on a work trip to help with the clean-up of the Indiana tornadoes earlier this year. It was a wonderful experience for the boys. I'm glad your boys get to do this. And that bus! Wow!

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh I LOVE Lightrider!!!!! When I was teaching at LCS in Marion, we used Lightrider for our 8th grade DC trips - - - I went along at LEAST 4 times, maybe more.

It is a very awesome way to take a trip.