Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Puppy Pictures!!!!!

This 8 week old pup is NOT the little puppy we brought home.  His name is Toby and he belongs to my next-door neighbor.

However, he IS the puppy that started me thinking we might be ready for one of our own.  My little guy couldn’t get enough of him.  :)  Isn’t he sweet?

beagle puppy

For the last two weeks, I watched my son carry him around every chance he got.  He’d spend his free time watching for the little pup to appear outside, lol!  It was hard to miss the pretty-please in his stalking eyes. 

So I began to look at puppy ads.  Not that I had made up my mind.  I was just seeing what was out there. 

One ad made me laugh.  It was titled “Easter Puppies” and showed a picture of two tiny dogs with eyes the size of saucers and tufts of hair that stuck out in every direction. 

Then I saw an ad on Saturday for 4 little puppies, just six weeks old.  One boy and three girls.  The picture of their little heads peeking out of a box made me smile.

I showed the picture to my husband and he glanced at it.  Then he looked at me with squinty eyes that questioned the soundness of my mind.

I showed the picture to my oldest son, and he said he didn’t like brown dogs.

I showed the picture to my middle son and he said we should get one.

I showed the picture to my friend, and she said I should get a girl.

I showed the picture to my little guy and he said, “Let’s go!  Let’s go!”


I showed the picture to my husband again.  And this time, after he read the entire ad, he paused and said (with absolutely no enthusiasm), “Get an address.”

When I called, they said there were only two left.  Both girls.  I knew it would take us an hour to get there and they might be gone by the time we arrived.  I didn’t know if I wanted them to still be there, or be gone.  We prayed that God would make it obvious whether we should bring one home. 

I know that sounds funny, but we really were apprehensive about bringing another dog into our lives.

As soon as I saw the pups, though, I knew in my heart that one of them was coming home with us.  We spent 45 minutes playing with them and one seemed a little more outgoing.  So we picked her.

On the way home, with her sitting in my lap, I couldn’t believe what I had just done!  I remember like it was yesterday each time I brought a new puppy home.  And I don’t remember ever feeling such a mix of emotions.

New Pup

What kind is she, you ask?  Her mom was a golden mix, and her dad, they said, was a husky mix.

I see mostly golden in her coat and shepherd, I think, in her face.  The only husky I see in her is her tail which likes to curl up tight when she walks.  Do you see anything else in her?

She lost no time making herself at home.  :)Easter Baskets

And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who loves her already.  :)

New Pup 3

She took to her crate immediately and is the most contented puppy I have ever had.  She whines only when she needs to go out.  And has had only one two accidents. 

puppy portrait

I like the way it looks like she just had a drink of milk!

puppy profile

This picture makes it look like her head is huge, lol!  It’s really not!

Names in the running are Lu Lu, Ursula (Russian for little bear), Mayble, Gretta, and Piper (like the little bush plane that so many depend on for supplies in remote areas), and Abby (like in Abby Wombach, a great female soccer player). 

Two sons and I kind of like Lu Lu.  Or Lu for short. 

My husband and oldest have stubbornly set their minds on Ursula.  Obviously, they care more about semantics then how odd it would sound to yell that out the back door.

I told them Ursula doesn’t roll off my tongue right.  Yet Hubby insists that it rolls just fine off his and that he can’t help it if my tongue is challenged. 


Obviously, this is going to take time for us!  Lol!  But we really need to pick something soon! 

Do you have any good name ideas??  And if you had to pick from my list, which would you choose?


Penny said...

I'm in LOVE! She is so adorable!! I have a wonderful Aunt named, Ursula, so I think you should go with a diffent one for the pup! :o) Personally, I like Piper!

Mari said...

Oh my word! She is just adorable! I know she'll get lots of love at your place. Lulu is a good name. :)

in the coop said...

To go with your husband's thoughts about yelling out the door to call the dog, three syllables is just too many. Especially if she's getting into something she shouldn't. Lu would be perfect. Although, I have to say Gretta is my favorite from your choices.
She is an adorable dog. How could you not bring her home?

Christina said...

Oh, she is TOO CUTE! I vote for Piper.

It Feels Like Chaos said...

Awwwww, she's so cute! Congrats on your new family member -- wishing you dry carpets and unchewed furniture!

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Choc said...

Oh my goodness that puppy is SO CUTE!!! I must not let my daughter see this!! So really training a puppy is going ok??? My daughter really wants a puppy, I want like a 2 year old already trained dog!! But I must say your pup is a cutie! I am sure your boys will have a blast with her!