Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day Quiz!!

Do you watch the news in the morning while you are getting the kids ready for school?  We had it on this morning (hoping for a snow delay!) and they did this little Valentines Day Quiz.  See how well you do!

Valentines Day 2012-001


What Percentage of Flowers is bought by Men and Women on Valentines day?

A) 61% Men, 39% Women

B) 68% Men, 32% Women

C) 75% Men, 25 % Women


On Average, how much do men spend on Valentine’s Day?

A) $120

B) $150

C) $180


How many Valentine’s Day cards and gifts are sent each year?

A) 75 Million

B) 100 Million

C) 150 Million

__________________________________________________________Answers: A, B, C

* * *

Ok, first, I was surprised that so many women send flowers.  Were you?  Maybe I’m old fashioned.  Or maybe women are sending them to their kids or coworkers?  Lol!  I don’t think I’ve ever sent Valentines flowers to anyone.

* * *

Second, $150 dollars???  I must be really cheap, or easy to please, lol!, because that figure looks HUGE to me!

On this same point, I have to tell you, my little guy was eating his breakfast with me while we listened and I saw his face turn sad. 

“What’s wrong,” I said. 

“I guess I should have kept my money and not bought that LEGO set,” he said.

“Why?” I couldn’t imagine what brought the LEGO to mind.

“Because I need to get you a Valentine’s present!”

Don’t you love it??  Before he left, he gave his dad instructions to stop at the store after work.  “And get Mom something that costs $150.”  Lol!  Don’t tell me that advertizing doesn’t influence our kids!  Hubby, I’m expecting great things!!  ROTFL!  :) (Just kidding!)

* * *

And finally, what did I give my family?  I made beautiful heart shaped cookies last night.  Only they baked into blobs because I made them too big and put them too close together!  Lol!  Somehow, I think they’ll still get eaten!!

The “kissing lips” cookie I wanted to embarrass my oldest son with in his lunch came out looking like a big square, Lol!  You can’t blame a mamma for trying!  After all, what’s the point of having a teen if you can’t embarrass him every once in a while?  Only, I think I do that enough without trying!!  Oh, brother!

Each boy also got a bunch of Hershey kisses tucked in his lunch.  I wonder if they will eat them or give them out?  My bet is on eat them!  LOL!

Did you do anything special for your troops?

Have a wonderful Valentines Day, Friends.  And don’t forget who loves you most!

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

John 3:16



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Tracey said...

We have some sugar cookie blobs, too! The girls helped me make heart-shaped cookies this morning and some of them baked together. At least most of them look like hearts!

I also made french bread "rolls" shaped like hearts to go with supper tonight.

We have a tradition in which my husband gives each girl a heart-shaped box of candy on Valentine's day, so he passed those out this morning.

Happy Valentine's Day!