Monday, January 30, 2012

Woe! It’s not Frosted Glass?

I used to consider my kitchen one of the cleanest rooms in my house. 

Then my boys got some remote control helicopters and discovered their mom doesn’t clean the high places.

They started having contests to see who could blow the most “stuff”  off hanging lights and ceiling fans as they hovered their machines just above them.   

Killjoy that I am, and tired of covering my coffee cup, I set up a no-fly zone and had my husband bring in the eight foot ladder.

I started with the light hanging over our Kitchen table, figuring it was the least dirty.  And do you know what I discovered?  It’s NOT frosted glass!!  SERIOUSLY?? 

I’ve been living here for eight years and always thought it was frosted glass.  Oh my goodness!  I obviously don’t look at this light very closely!   We gathered around and then started cracking up.

kitchen light

How could I have missed this for so long???  For the record, every once in a blue moon, I do swipe at hanging things I can reach with my cleaning wand!

The funny thing is, I had started looking at light fixtures to replace it with because it didn’t throw much light!  Ha!  Problem solved!  WE NOW HAVE LIGHT!  Lol!  I like cheap fixes!

From there, my bucket and I made our way through the house to see what other embarrassing things we could find.  

Please tell me a story that will make me feel better, would you?  Lol!

Our Internet Update:  Tomorrow, the internet service we’ve had for the last three years will be terminated.  We have someone scheduled to come at noon to install equipment for our new service.  We’re hoping it goes smoothly!!! 


in the coop said...

My little kids were going to be spending the day with a friend of mine, and I needed to put their car seats into her car. I knew there would be a few crumbs, as the kids do eat snacks in the car sometimes. I was not prepared for the, shall we say, pounds of crumbs and trash that was trapped under the seats. All for my friend to see as I put the seats in her immaculate van.
Good luck with the new internet service!

Mari said...

You are so funny! And I love your honesty because we all have our areas of dust. :)

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

It's amazing how much brighter it is when you clean the light fixtures. I'm bad about that too.
My boys have the helicopters too. I just wait for the dust to settle and then clean. LOL!