Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Garden Raiders!

Get set for a rant on the overpopulation of deer in our neck of the woods. 

Seeing deer in my garden would normally have me bursting out the door like a wild woman to run them off.  I’ve even been know to cut through the yard with my Subaru to scatter a herd like bowling pins.  Just ask the boys.  They’re usually in the back seat YEEEH-HAW-ing.

But considering my garden is sleeping for the winter, I let these two does slide the other day.  Deer 1But look at them!  They checked out every pepper cage, sniffed at every cucumber mound, and walked every row as if they were walking the isles of a super market! 

And when they found the pickings slim (ha!), they wandered across our driveway, looking towards the house as if to say, “Hello in there, where’s the salad?”

Deer 2

Because they reek so much devastation on my garden and young trees, I’m not fond of deer at all.  Like I said, if I catch them in my yard, it’s all-out-war and the chase is on!  Lol! 

If you can relate, and you are looking for a way to keep deer from destroying the vegetation in your yard, check out these ideas.  They worked pretty well for us!  Deer 4

This girl came right up to the house and wandered around under my window.  She checked for any flowers prematurely growing in my flower beds, and even checked to see if my red maple had any tender buds yet.  Grrr.

Deer 3

Like I said, I let them slide today.  But they better wear their running shoes if they want to dine in my yard come spring!  The wild lady will be back.  Lol!


Mari said...

I would love to see them - we used to have some around us but the guy that owns the wooded area behind us put up a big fence so they are pretty scarce.
However - looks like you got too much of a good thing!

in the coop said...

I would pay money to see you chasing the deer out of your garden, in or out of the Suburu!
Our solution is to have two large outside dogs. Plenty of things get destroyed because of them, but the garden is safe.
Great photos from the lake, too!

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Yup, I need a YouTube video of you literally "driving" off the deer. LOL!
We don't really have deer problems but we do have fox, racoons and armadillo problems.
I'll be looking for that video. LOL!

Brenda said...

You wrote this hilariously! Sorry for your dilemma, but thanks for the humorous telling of it!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!! Those little devils!!! They are so close! That's amazing.