Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree…

This Christmas, we will be traveling east to visit friends and family in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware.  It’s been over a year since we’ve seen them all.  So we’re pretty excited! 

We’ll actually get to spend Christmas morning with my side of the family, and Christmas evening with my husband’s family! 

I have just two weeks left to coordinate schedules, make up packing lists for the boys, and get everyone organized so we fit into our little Subaru.  It is NOT an easy task when you consider we’ll be taking our bulky winter clothes and boots.  Just in case.  :)

I’m almost finished with my shopping.  Just a few more things to get.  Like stocking stuffers for the boys.  I think I’ll hit Dollar Tree.  What do you do for stocking stuffers?

Anyway, Winter soccer also begins tomorrow.  It’s not as rigorous as the spring season will be.  But still...

And there are school activities, and the Secret Santa Shop I signed up to help with (way back in August?? LOL!) and meetings for church and…  Can you relate?

I’m thinking I need a shoe horn to get any blogging in! 

That said, I was really not liking the idea of pulling out our big tree and all the usual decorations.  So I decided to experiment with a simpler version of Christmas.

Meet our tree this year!  Lol!

Our tree

The boys have actually embraced the idea.  Even my little guy.  :)  (I love the flexibility of kids!)

I had to laugh, though, when a little friend walked in the front door, stopped, and stared at it with a quizzical look on his face. 

“Is that your Christmas tree?”  he asked.

“Yep,” I said, watching his face.

He was quiet for a few seconds.

“OUR tree is a lot bigger, and WE usually put lots of decorations and ornaments on OUR tree.”

He cracked me up.  “Yeah, we do, too.  It’s just that this year, we won’t be here for much of the Christmas season.  So we’re just keeping things simple.”

“Oooh.”  He smiled and nodded his head.  “I like it!” he said more enthusiastically.  “Especially the joker hat!  …Or is that an Elf’s hat?”

Now, that’s a good question! 

I heard it said once that the one who does not have Christmas in his heart will not find it under the tree. 

In some ways, it is wonderful to shake things up for the kids a little bit.  It helps them realize that we can celebrate Christmas anywhere, with anyone, and with or without all the decorations…

Because we have Him in our hearts!


Mari said...

I love what you are doing this year, and I'm so happy you will see all your family for Christmas!

The Real Me! said...

I always admire people that can travel over Christmas. I am such a homebody that it would be torture for me. LOL! But it sounds like everyone is on board and excited about it and that's a good thing.
I personally LOVE your tree. LOL! And the hat just tops it all off. We don't even have a tree topper so far because we need a new one and all the ones I've seen so far are just plain ugly.
I'm giving you permission to sit for 15 mins with a cup of hot cocoa, put your feet up, turn on some gentle Christmas music and relax. Deep breathes my friend, deep breathes.
BIG HUGS to you!

Brenda said...

That's nice that your boys are 'getting it' about Christmas! Enjoy and be safe!

Christina said...

Ha! I LOVE your tree! This year we're only doing a teeny-tiny 12 inch tree because I can certainly relate to too-full schedules!

in the coop said...

This is the first Christmaas ever that we won't travel back home. We're looking forward to celebrating at our house, but will miss all of the usual rituals with family. I'm sure we will be traveling again next year.
Have a safe, wonderful trip and a very merry Christmas!