Monday, September 26, 2011

Puff The Magic Dragon

15 years ago, this wonderful friend and talented singer/song writer sang in our wedding.  Not this song, though!  Lol! 

Sadly, we don’t see him or his family very often since he lives on the east coast. 

So when his wife sent me this link to a video of him singing to his grandson, I was pretty excited!

Puff The Magic Dragon was my very favorite song growing up.  I had a little 45 record that I played over and over on my suitcase record player.  It was a far cry from the sophisticated video games and mp3 players my kids entertain themselves with today.  But I loved my records and record player! 

I had several records which were from Scholastic.  They were story records. 

One started out…”It was a dark, dark, night.”  Or “wood”…I can’t remember!  But eventually, it got to “And in that dark, dark, house, there was a dark, dark, room…and in that dark dark room, there was a dark dark cupboard...”  You get the idea!  I remember the man’s voice got quieter and quieter until he got to what was in “the dark, dark box.”  I would jump EVERY time when he yelled “There was a ghost!”  Lol! 

Hey!  I wonder what ever happened to that record.  My boys would probably get a kick out of it.  :) It’s probably melted into the shape of a fortune cookie up in the attic!

Another record told the story of a man who thought there was “Too Much Noise.”  That one was fun, too!

Shoot.  Now I’m going to be wondering what happened to all those records.  I’ll probably be digging in old boxes I haven’t opened in eons.  I’ll let you know if I find them!

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane as much as I have! 

And thanks R—, for blessing so many people with your music and talent! 

How many of you had record players in your bedrooms growing up, and what did you like to listen to??  :)


The Real Me! said...

Oh I see a treasure hunt coming up. LOL! You're going to be blogging about all sorts of things you find. I keep what few records I have left inside the house.
I think it's great that your friend sent you that. It was very thoughtful.

LISA said...

Yes, I wish I still had all of my records. Funny, if someone could have told me the things I was going to want in the future, and there aren't many. Still love to hear Puff the Magic Dragon.