Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mob Mowing

Mower Team

We’ve been cracking up our neighbors lately.  (Probably over more than we know!!)  However, those neighbors freely admit that they’re jealous.  :) 

Over what? 

Our mob-mowing.  The two older boys and I all head out at the same time to tackle the lawn.  A job that used to take me 5 hours to do alone--takes just over an hour with all of us working together!  

It gets a little crazy when we all converge in the front yard.  But it makes it that much more interesting trying to find the last patches of tall grass without running into someone.  Or something.  :)

Sometimes, my husband even gets on his mower to join us. 

No wonder people laugh.  WHO has FOUR lawn mowers?  ALL mowing at the same time?  Our redneck addiction to lawn mowers is showing, isn’t it?

The only casualties of our mowing-mayhem have been several flowers, one small evergreen (don’t tell my husband) and a slithering snake who slithers no more. 

But seriously, the boys may not always feel like going out and helping, but they have done a great job!  And I really, REALLY appreciate it.  

Mowed-down flowers and all. 

There is something very rewarding about working together as a family.  Sure it’s helpful to us.  But it builds and reinforces a good work ethic in them as well.  What better way to learn responsibility than to work side by side?  Plus, these guys can be a hoot.  Incidentally, don’t they look like twins in this picture?  My middle man in the back even said, “Hey, how did you get two B---’s in the picture?” -–referring to his brother.  Lol!   


Mari said...

I love the picture and the idea! You are right about working together - it's a good thing!

Christina said...

:D What a wonderful way to make a long, tedious joy more enjoyable and quick!