Friday, June 3, 2011

Before and After Pictures of The Bathroom Makeover

Sorry it took me so long!  Like everyone else, I’m swimming in end-of-the-school-year-activities.  :)

This is pretty much the bathroom of our boys’ bedroom before:

bathroom before

The walls were a buttery yellow—a pretty color, actually.  But there were holes in the walls from overzealous towel hanging.  Um, yeah.  I’m sure that’s it. 

After patching all the holes, I decided to paint the room a light grey/blue to match the bedroom. 

The vanity was sad.  The wood finish was in bad shape and the hardware was rusty and outdated.  (I forgot to take the picture with the hardware.)  But, trust me, the whole thing definitely needed something!

bathroom vanityIn the end, we painted it a light grey to match the walls.  The dark grey accent color is the same grey I used to paint the crown molding in the bedroom.  So it ties in pretty nicely. vanity after

Walmart had these door pulls.  Do you think Sabrina Soto would approve?  Lol! I love her show, by the way!  She is SO clever with her home staging tips!

I decided not to replace the towel bars or toilet paper holders.  I wasn’t anxious to patch more holes anytime soon!Bathroom after

So, instead, we (mostly) wandered Walmart’s bathroom decor isle looking for ideas and picking out a few things:

  • We found an inexpensive toilet paper holder which fits over the tank and under the lid.  Works for me! 
  • We picked out a pretty set of over-the-door hooks to hang on the side of the shower stall.  And actually, I think the placement is more convenient than where the previous towel bars were. 
  • We found an inexpensive sticky-backed hook to apply to the mirror.  It’s now a simple and functional hand towel hook. 
  • We picked out short black curtains to match the long ones in the bedroom. 
  • And as a final touch, we swiped a black bath rug from another bathroom.

I would still love to frame or replace the mirror.  But for now, it’s fine just the way it is. 

And I’m moving on to the last bedroom.  Well, I will be after the boys get out of school for the summer.  Monday is their last day.  Sigh. :)

This year, I’m more anxious than the boys (if you can believe it) for school to be over!  Can you say SLEEP IN?  Lol!

What projects do you have planned for the summer?


Mari said...

Another job well done!

The Real Me! said...

That looks soooo much better my friend. GREAT job!

Have a fabulous day.

Anonymous said...

Good job! Looks clean and crisp!