Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Room Number Two Underway!

Yep.  Another project-update-post.  Sorry friends.  But this is pretty much my life right now.

My two older boys shared this room since 2003 when we bought the house, and it is the room I’m currently focused on.  It will be my middle man’s room when all is said and done.

Before we could even start in there, we needed to get the massive loft beds out of the room.  With mixed feelings, I posted an ad on Craig’s List.  

Room 2 Before

I couldn’t believe the number of responses!  In no time at all there was a line of people wanting to snatch them up. I wasn’t quite as emotional as I was when I sold our crib.  But I still got a lump in my throat. 

These beds hold some fun memories. 

Like when the boys were too little to actually sleep up top and made their little fort beds under the desk cubbies.

Or when they hung curtains across the openings underneath to complete the fort effect.  Those were fun memories!

However, not all the memories were fun ones. 

Like the time my oldest son projectile-vomited three cheese steaks in four directions from the top of that left-hand bed.  Boy oh boy.  That was a fun one.  Aren’t you glad I shared that image?? 

Or the time my middle man somehow got his foot lodged between the bed and the window and ended up breaking the glass. 

Or the mounds of dirty socks and sundries I would find tucked in the corners up there out-of-site.

Or the countless mornings I would have to all-but-climb up there to get them out of bed!

Or trying to fish out stuff that fell between the wall and the too-heavy-to-budge-without-two-strong-men bed.

Come to think of it, I won’t miss those loft beds all that much at all!

Which is a good thing.  Because, this weekend, the last bed was picked up and the room has been cleared out!  Yippy!!!

Now my work begins.  :)  I really do enjoy this process of transforming a space.  Stay tuned for pictures as I go!

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Mari said...

I love your redo posts! Looking forward to seeing what you do!