Tuesday, May 17, 2011

After Picture: Room Two!

My Middle Man chose a real light blue—actually it was called “icy waterfall”--for his wall color.  Since we had dark grey left from the trim in his older brother’s room, we used it for the crown molding in here as well. 

Room 2 AfterHe also picked the same comforter as his brother—only it had dropped from $29 to $19 on clearance at Walmart. (Yay for my pocketbook!)  

We decided to go with black curtains for two reasons.  It is staying light longer and soon the daylight will persist an hour later than the school night bedtime.  These will help darken the room.  And second, with neutral curtains, it will be easier to introduce new colors to the room as he likes.

The floor lamp was only $23 at Big Lots.  I LOVE that store for inexpensive home furnishing touches.  :)  And the cool part about it is I can use three energy-efficient bulbs, get tons of light, and still burn less electricity than the average light if it gets left on. 

Not that anyone around here ever forgets to turn out lights.

The moon chair was  brought in from another room so that he has a quiet place to read.

I still need to hang his favorite pictures back up and finish his bathroom. 

And that bathroom is harder than I thought it would be.  How DO you paint behind the toilet?  Or between the shower and the cabinet when there is only like 2 inches between them?  Lol!  Oh my back!

The towel racks and plaster board have taken a bunch of abuse in there, as well--more abuse than your average bathroom.   So I’m leaning towards not putting some things back in.  What boy uses a towel rack ANYWAY when there is a perfectly good floor?

Stay tuned…my makeover saga will (unfortunately) continue.  Lol!

I have some before pictures of the bathroom which I HOPE when compared to the after shots will show improvements!  But my fingers are crossed with all my experiments.


The Real Me! said...

That looks really good. You're doing great! And I have no advice for you on the painting because my hubby does the trimming out. LOL!


Mari said...

I love this! It looks a lot like Andy's room. We did it in a similar blue, maybe a little darker and also went with black curtains.
Good luck with the bathroom - I've got no painting tips for you. :(