Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Storms, Flowers, And A Faith That Stands

Spring Showers

I love Spring!  With as much rain as we got yesterday, we ought to have a bumper crop of flowers!  They stood like islands in the yard, seemingly unaffected, as the storm water rose. 

I like to think that our children will weather the storms of life just as well.

School Update:

Thankfully, the boys’ first day back to school went without incident.  Police officers patrolled the halls throughout the day.  Unfortunately, there was yet another threat of violence after school to be investigated. 

It’s probably just a prank.  However it can’t be ignored.  School officials are pleading with parents to talk with their children about the seriousness of making threats.  Recess has been cancelled and crosswalks closed for the remainder of the year.  And attendance is understandably down.  No one feels quite safe.

Pray for our community, yes. 

But pray, too, for the youth of our country.  So many children and youth lack the parental guidance they desperately need. 

On the Friday of the shooting, kids with texting lit up the phones of the adults in their lives, looking for reassurance and a roll model on which to pattern their response.  There is a spiritual battle going on for their hearts and minds.  If we don’t tip the scales on the side of faith, who will?  If we don’t point them to God, which way will they go?  To whom will they turn?

God has opened a door in our little community to talk about the tough stuff.  Kid’s want to know what to think and who they can count on.  But it isn’t just here

Vivid reports of disasters and wars bombard our youth more than ever.  And they have questions and fears about what it means for them.  Whether you have children or not, you can influence the young people God has placed in your path. 

When an adult is too busy to listen, an opportunity is lost for all eternity.

But when he or she stops to listen, a lifeline is cast.  A bridge is built.  And a seed can be planted.  A seed that, with care, can grow the kind of faith that can weather any storm.


The Real Me! said...

Good golly girl. Is that your yard?
I loved what you said about stopping to listen. Communication is SO important.
God is definitely turning this incident into good.

Mari said...

Wow - that is a lot of water!
I'm glad school is going on again, but sorry to hear these threats. The kids and parents don't need anymore stress or tension. You are so right about it being a good opportunity though.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I will continue to pray for your school and all the youth of our world.