Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What To Do When They Ignore You. You’re Gonna Love This!

Don’t you hate it when you ask your kids a question and they totally ignore you?  I mean, seriously, don’t you hate it??  Well, I may have found something that will fix their hearing in a hurry.  Hee-Hee!

Engrossed in The ForceThis morning, I asked my little guy if he wanted to wear his big coat or layer two jackets.  He didn’t even look up--just went right on firing his missiles and shooting the bad guys.

I’m all for The Force, and everything.  But when I’m trying to get things ready in the morning, punctual answers make me happy. 

So I turned abruptly and said to him, “O.K., you owe me a hug.”

He froze.  (Ha!  He CAN hear me!)

“What??  Why??” he said, all incredulous.

“You owe me a hug because you didn’t answer me.”

“No way!”  He backed up against the wall like I was the boogie man.  Great for a mom’s ego, by the way.

“Yep.  Come on.”

He continued to stare at me.

After a few seconds, he said, “No, YOU give ME a hug.”

“O.K.  I can do that.”  (a hug is a hug, right??)

As I started to wrap my arms around him, he stipulated, “But no kiss!”

I had to giggle.

After the deed, he not only picked out his coat, he put his milk back in fridge and got his book bag ready to go.  Whoa!  Now we’re talking!

I can’t WAIT to try it out on his older brothers!!! 

Tricky, I know.  Lol! 


The Real Me! said...

That's funny. A hug as punishment. LOL! You know whatever works. Ha!

Have a great day.

great-mom-lousy-farmer said...

I love a good "punishment"! It's a great way to start the day.

Mari said...

Now that kind of punishment is easy to give! Pretty funny!

Anonymous said...

Sneaky..... so, sneaky!

Good thinkin',mom!

Anonymous said...

I so get that. Not answering is Code for "I need a hug." Just like when one of my teens kept saying things like, "I want a pet anaconda" or "I want a pet fish." I realized he was really saying "I love you." I told him so - and he stopped asking - LOL - It was the same with "Can I have $5 or $100" - and that was code for "Can I have 5 hugs or 100 hugs." He stopped asking for money then - LOL!