Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Have Time For A Quick Laugh?

I probably shouldn’t be on the computer.  There are scads of things I should be doing.  But I couldn’t resist sharing my little funny today.

My little guy is home with a fever.  Again.  My husband has pneumonia and went to work anyway.  My oldest son had “the look” this morning.  You know the one I mean.  The one where their eyes announce “I’m getting sick.  My head hurts.  Are you speaking English?” 

However, because he insisted on going, and didn’t have a temperature at the time of departure, I let him go to school anyway. 

I’ll probably regret it.  But no news from school is good news, right?

All of that isn’t funny.

But the next part is.

After a trip to the doctor’s office (the third in two weeks for him), I asked my little guy if he was hungry. 

He wasn’t sure. 

Did he feel like toast? 

Not sure.


He didn’t know.

So I asked if I could have a bowl of cereal with him, thinking maybe I could coax him into eating something with me.

Nearly exasperated, he replied, “Mom, I’m not in charge of you.  I’m like--six and you’re like--twenty.   You can do whatever you want.”

God bless his sick little self! 

I didn’t correct him.  Would you??

Later, he said, “I could still go to school, Mom, even if I’m sick.”

“Oh?” I say.

“Yeah.  They have a sick bay.”


Maybe I should have sent him!  I’m sure their sick bay is better staffed than mine!

I hope the school doesn’t “beam” anybody home today.  :P  Did I spell beam right??  Is there more than one spelling for beam?  I digress.

My advice for the day is:  Lock your door so those nasty flu bugs don’t sneak into your house! 

Stay healthy friends!!

P.S.  My dear friend and neighbor just called to say she’s picking her 12-year-old son up from school.  He threw up and is running a fever.  Yikes!!  Is it too much to ask that my boys leave that bug at school??? 

Though, I doubt the school has a washing machine in their sick bay!  Lol!


The Real Me! said...

You're like 20 and everything! LOL! Love that. So sorry your household is still sick.
I'm going to lock my doors right now!! Ha! I guess it's one of those benefits of homeschooling. Not so many germs. Hee! Hee!

Mari said...

Yuck! I think you have had about enough of that sickness.
My daughter went home from work today because she was sick - fever, aching, upset stomach. Hope it doesn't last long.
I love, love, love his comment - so cute!

Christina said...

Oh, goodness. Your little guy is SO clever and cute! I sure hope your family is restored to health soon.

Anonymous said...

Nice!! Since he is so great with numbers, maybe I will let him guess my weight.--- or maybe not.

Germs are EVERYWHERE. I am kinda afraid to go outside.