Monday, November 29, 2010

Where Do You Go For Shelter?

Freezing rain

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, our long awaited rain turned to ice.  Although it was beautiful and we needed the moisture badly, the rain stung, and the dampness went straight to my bones.

I had a few things to do in the woodshop which, thankfully, is insulated and tight.  However, it is unheated and you have to hike across the yard to get there.  The whole time I was working, I was thinking about getting back inside. 

The shelter of the shed was no comparison to a snuggly blanket by the warm fireplace.

That shed is like the shelter we often settle for in life when things get tough.  We seek out shelter in places that can’t sooth our souls or give peace to our hearts.

We hide out at work when things are tense at home, or busy ourselves with things when relationships get awkward.  Some of us find comfort in talking to friends, or eating large quantities of chocolate.  (What??? :) Ok, I confess.)  And some, unfortunately, turn to drugs, alcohol and other destructive things.

Everyone wants shelter from the tough stuff in life.

Lucky for us, God is right there waiting for us to seek His help.  He doesn’t care what a mess we’ve made of things in the past, or how ugly we feel on the inside.

He simply wants us to turn to Him and trust.  There is no peace like the peace of knowing He loves us and wants to bless us.

We used to sing a chorus in youth group that I still find myself singing when I’m feeling at my end.

I hope you enjoy the words as much as I.

The Shelter Of The Love Of God

(Adapted from Psalm 91)

The shelter of the love of God

is my refuge and my light.

I trust in Him to Guide my days

and protect me through the night.



Because I come to Him in love

and trust him in all things:

He answers when I call His name,

He shelters me with His wings.


My faith is in the Lord alone,

His Word my help and shield.

When thousands stumble by my side,

His faithfulness is revealed.


Ever safe within His love I’ll be,

secure through all my days.

The wonder of His mighty love

always fills my heart with praise.



I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress;

My God, in Him I will trust.”

Psalm 91:2


Mari said...

I love the way you applied that freezing cold day to turning to God in times of trouble. I don't think i ever heard that song, but I like the words. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so true. And how thankful I am that He is always there.