Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Beautiful Magnificent Bow!

beautiful bow

This may not look like much to you.  But it’s something we’re celebrating BIG time at our house. 

My little guy can now tie his shoes!!!

Look at that beautiful bow which I had absolutely nothing to do with!

  • No more wearing boots to the grocery store because he doesn’t have to tie them!  (Yay!)
  • No more searching for Velcro shoes without cheesy cartoon characters!  (Double YAY!)
  • And no more needing the teacher’s help to tie his laces at school.  (Yippy Yay!)

He couldn’t be more tickled with himself.

I know he is six.  And lots of kids master this skill at a much earlier age.  But there is something to be said for simply waiting till he was ready.  I should know…

This summer, I tried and tried to help him learn.  And every time, he pulled away frustrated.

This morning, it took him only twenty minutes to master the skill.  What made the difference?

He WANTED to learn!  Of course seeing his best friend at school in the “can tie” line may have been a catalyst!  Lol! 

His best friend can read, too.  And now my boy is sounding out every word he sees.  Hee-Hee!

If his best friend gets a girlfriend, though, I’m gonna start to worry…


Christina said...

Woohoo! Three cheers for your little guy!

Mari said...

Hooray for him!