Monday, August 2, 2010

Guess Who Turns Six Today!? …And Craig’s List To The Rescue!

New DS

The big day is here!  So, we’re celebrating, of course!  And thanks to Craig’s List, our little guy’s gifts are pretty amazing!  Just like him.  :)

This morning, he got a new (to him) DS Lite to replace his (very) old  (and held together by duck tape ) original DS. 

He also got a brand new and pretty spiffy NERF case!  He’s a very happy camper.  :)

The NERF case, by the way, is a great case.  It offers a nice amount of cushioning all the way around without blocking any of the ports or buttons.  (Just be sure to get the right one for your unit.  Because the DS Lite and the DSi are different sizes, their cases are different, as well.)

Anyway, would you believe that before his birthday, he actually “told” me not to give him any clothes?  Lol!  Why boys don’t get excited over clothes, I’ll never understand!

I did sneak in some practical gifts, though.  Like a book bag, lunch box, crayons, markers and a whole bunch of other back to school items.  (Guess it’s the teacher in me.  I could live in that isle!)  But hey, I didn’t get him underwear or socks.  So I’m still cool, right???

However, the NERF case and the school supplies are the only new things he’ll receive today.  Everything else has been carefully purchased second hand. 

Because we’re training the boys to seek out the best value for their dollars, they welcome second hand gifts.  They know that there is only so much money in the budget for gifts, and this way, they can get more stuff! Lol!!!  Smart kids…!

There are two more such gifts tucked in a shed outside.  When it cools off this evening, we’ll go out “find” them.  I can’t wait till he sees what else I snagged off of Craig’s List!  I think he’ll be tickled!

I’ll try to post pictures for you tomorrow.

How do you feel about buying second hand things for your kid’s birthday gifts?  You won’t offend me if you would never dream of it.  :)  And what are your favorite places to shop for Birthdays?


Valerie Harris said...

What a great birthday your little guy has! I'm 28 today! I think they will appreciate the time and thought that you put into purchasing second hand for them! (besides the lessons you are teaching them!)

Mari said...

Happy Birthday to your son. I didn't know Nerf made cases for the DS. Great idea.
I think buying gifts second hand is a great idea - and a great lesson too!

Christina said...

Happy Birthday to your littlest! I love your approach to gift giving, and I don't mind buying second-hand gifts for the boys at all! Places I like to shop to gifts include Amazon (I use it a LOT since I'm nowhere near a "big city" where I can physically shop), Ross and T.J.Max (for new but cheaper gifts), and yard sales. I also try to make a decent number of their gifts.