Thursday, June 3, 2010

Why The Shortage Of Posts?

Just in case any of you have stopped by and wondered why there’s not much new posted here (again), I thought I should let you know why…

Froggy Window treament

No, the frog isn’t to blame.  I just thought you might enjoy seeing another of our tree frogs making himself at home.

Posting has been hard partly because of the normal changes this time of year brings.

The boys are home on summer break, and life is kind of crazy.  :)  Fun-crazy.  But crazy, none the less.

Yesterday, I opened a window on the computer to write, got interrupted, and never made it back.  I suspect that will happen often. 

For more than two weeks, the little guy has been sick.  We’ve seen the doctor twice and are on our second round of antibiotics.  He’s not feeling awful. Just feverish, congested, grumpy, and needy.  Especially in the middle of the night.  It doesn’t help his frame of mind that I need to keep him away from several families we normally see often (more on that in a minute).  Poor guy!

I told you about spending unexpected chunks of time picking out new cell phones and plans.  We still need to exchange one of them when we get back up to the store.  But that is near the bottom of our list.

Something I didn’t tell  you is that a spring storm left us with hail damage and we need a new roof.  Over the last few weeks, we’ve met with the insurance adjuster and numerous contractors.   We still have some decisions to make.  But it looks like things are finally falling into place.  

I might need your help picking out shingle colors when we get the samples.  :) 

Soccer has continued for the boys.  The last practice was tonight, and the final tournament of the season is this weekend.  Two games Saturday, and two on Sunday.  Then we can put the cleats on the shelf until August.

We leave for vacation Tuesday.  This year, we’ll be making stops at Gettysburg  and Washington D.C.  before spending a week in Pennsylvania.  Of course, we’ll also catch up with family and friends while we’re east. 

We’ve been making the plans for months.  However, now, I’m wishing the timing were different. 

An elderly friend, the very first one to welcome us to our new home in Indiana, is not doing well.  She’s had a number of health crises over the last few months.  But Friday night, she took a bad fall, broke her hip, and hasn’t been conscious or stable since.

Keeping my sick little guy away from her husband, who stops by frequently, hasn’t been easy.  Nor has it been easy to find the time to slip up to the hospital. 

Her husband and sons face some difficult decisions tomorrow and my heart goes out to them. 

Pray for God’s tender mercy to meet them where they are.  I want so much for this family to find His peace.    

Also, my very best friend in the world here is losing her mother to cancer.  I know there isn’t much I can do.  But I want more than anything to be here with hugs and tissues when she needs them.

So, as much as I usually enjoy seeing family and friends on vacation, I’m struggling with being away this year.  Does that make sense?  I haven’t even started to pack yet, and usually, I’m mostly done by now. 

If it weren’t for the boys being so excited about going, and the grandparents counting on our visit, I’d be sorely tempted to cancel.

I’m not sure if I’ll get to post over the weekend.  Or whether I’ll have the opportunity while I’m away.   But now you have some idea what will be going on. 

And what will be on my heart. 

Pray for our elderly friends.  And pray for my friend and her family.  I know both families would deeply appreciate it.   

Thanks for being the kind of friends I can ask that of.  You’re the best.


Mari said...

You've got a lot going on! I'm sorry about your sick little guy and the roof, and when you add your elderly friends fall, I can see why you are wondering about this vacation.
I'll be praying for all of you!

The Real Me! said...

Wow my friend. So many things going on and so many emotions to go along with them.
I was wondering how you favored the hail. I am an excellent shingle picker outer. LOL!

My heart aches for your elderly friends. That has to be so hard on the family.
And your friends Mom that has cancer, words can't even describe what she must be going through and feeling.
Prayers go out to you all and I pray that the timing of everything works out for you my friend.
Big Hugs