Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We’re Home!

Who turned up the heat???  It’s like coming home to a rain forest!  Lol!  I can’t even see out my windows this morning because of the condensation.  I’m definitely NOT looking forward to all the mowing and weeding that’s waiting out there. 

And you should see the sea of weeds that has taken over my garden! 

We got home Monday evening and were relieved to find only minor damage from the strong storms.  (This area was pretty hard hit by severe weather.)  The boys gathered most of the tree limbs, and we are just waiting for things to dry out enough to mow the low-lying areas. 

As for our vacation?  We put close to 2500 miles on our van traveling through five states.  I can’t wait to show you some pictures once I figure out how to get them downloaded from my new camera.  (Yes!  I got a new camera!!!  More to come on that later…)  We loved seeing everyone!

We had one (major) break-down in New Jersey on the way to the shore.  But we were able to hang out with some dear friends at a beautiful park while the repairs were made.  (Hanging out with friends makes everything better!)

And speaking of friends, on a sad note, my dear friend’s mother passed away while we were gone.  Although her mother was battling cancer and we knew it was inevitable, it happened very quickly.  I know the family would appreciate your prayers. 

And do you remember my telling you about an elderly neighbor friend who fell and broke her hip?  She has actually improved enough to undergo surgery.  Her recovery is still tenuous.  But we are all encouraged by the little bits of progress we see. 

Thank you all for your prayers!  It is so wonderful to be able to support each other in this way!

I’m so glad to be home.  :) 

Once I catch up around here, I’m hoping to grab myself a great big glass of iced tea and do some serious catching up with you!!!

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