Monday, June 28, 2010

The Relaxing Part Of Our Vacation

For a mom of three, that can be an oxymoron.  Lol!  Right??? :)

But I did manage to snag a little down time.  Mainly because we stayed at this cabin  in Lake In Wood During our second week.  (This is our second year staying in the same cabin.) 

CabinWe like it because it has plenty of room for the boys to play Lego’s at one end…while Mom takes a nap/reading break in the other.  With icy cold AC, it was a heavenly place to crash. 

From here, we launched out on day trips and spent most of our evenings visiting my parents and our friends.  As crazy as it can get squeezing everybody in, I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Seeing people we miss is the best part of our vacation!

At the beach

We even got to spend a day at Ocean City, New Jersey with some of our best friends.  Well, more like an evening.  We broke down 40 miles from the beach and had to spend the better part of our beach time at a community park waiting for the repairs. 

But, you know what?  It turned out just fine.  The kids all enjoyed playing on the playground while we got to enjoy spending time with friends—which was the point of the day, anyway.  :)  Did I say I love my friends?

Love Hate Relationship My little guy had a love hate relationship with the sea gulls.  He couldn’t resist following them, but he didn’t want them snatching his Pringles.  Go figure.  :)

Sand crabs

The kids caught TONS of sand crabs.  I’ve never seen one before, let alone the hundreds that the waves would uncover.  It was crazy to watch them scurry en mass back towards the ocean in the receding water and then burrow back down in the sand. 

My oldest son also caught a big crab.  You can’t really see his pinchers.  But he has some big ones.  Imagine stepping on this thing…which is how he discovered it!

Coolest catch

In spite of many cries from the peanut gallery to take the crabs home, every last one of them made it back into the ocean.  :)  (Leaving the Mom and the crabs to live happily ever after.)

Time to let the catch go

Can’t you just see the reluctance on their faces to set their crabby friends free?  Lol!

Boys.  What a riot!

On a serious note, I sure hope this hurricane season doesn’t send the oil all the way up the coast.  It’s such a sad thing to see what it is doing to beaches and economy in the south. 


Christina said...

That looks like Sooooooo much fun! It seems like most of our vacations are jam-packed with trying to see friends and people we miss too. It's a very good kind of vacation! :D

Mari said...

It looks like you had a wonderful vacation. The cabin looks like a great place to relax after the running around you were doing during the day. I've been to Arlington once and would love to go back!