Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Dangers Of A Cordless Phone

I went cordless the year my first son was born.  Because I’m a mom, and life doesn’t stop when I put a phone to my ear.  If anything it intensifies.  Right?  (You know it does.) 

And also because I’m a pacer.

Laundry, dishes, straightening up, walking the yard, spanking a child (just kidding).  These are the kinds of things I do on the phone.  It makes tedious work fly by, because the whole time, I’m enjoying the company of a friend.  Win-win, right?

But it can be hazardous.  For the friend that is.

I was walking the yard yesterday, totally engrossed in a serious long distance conversation, when it happened.  You see this leaning solar lantern?  Crooked Fixture

I mindlessly grasped the hanger to straighten it back up.  And immediately retracted my hand and let out  piercing scream.  Right into the phone.  Can you see why?  No?

How about now?  Tree Frog The squishy squirmy post caught me completely off guard. 

My adrenaline rush had me giggling so hard, it took me a moment to calm down enough to tell Deb what had happened.  I’m so sorry, Deb!!  I’m glad you are such a good friend!

I suppose mindless multitasking can be dangerous in that, sometimes it spawns highly inappropriate outbursts.  :)

The frog didn’t seem to mind too much, though.  He stayed there long after I finished the conversation and went back with my camera.  (I promised Deb I’d take a picture.)

On a serious note, my friend lost her father, and I’m sure her family would appreciate your prayers.  Her dad was a believer and had some on-going health concerns.  But his home-going was unexpected.

Big hugs to you and your mom, Deb.  I wish I were there to give them in person.  Your dad was a lot of fun, and so much like my own dad, they could have been brothers.  I hope this special time with your mom brings healing, and laughter, even through the tears.  I love you! 


The Real Me! said...

Yet another intriguing story my friend. I thought only weird things like that happened to me.
Sorry about your friends Dad. Will say prayer for the family.

Mari said...

I'm a pacer too and this kind of thing could happen to me too. The frog is kind of cute, if you aren't suddenly holding him!
Sorry about your friends Dad. I'm glad they know where he is now.

Sandy@JesusandDark Choc said...

Ha Ha are right the danger of a cordless phone! :) That is so the pictures.