Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Perfect Hotel For Families With Three Or More Children

What do you do if you are a family of five or more and your youngest can no longer fit in a port-a-crib? 

In many hotels, the options are limited.  Most rooms are made to accommodate 2-4 guests.  And if the beds are just doubles, it’s hard to even fit four people comfortably.

The Hyatt Place in Itasca (Chicago) turned out to be the perfect pick for our family of five.  We found it to be just as wonderful as the reviews I read claimed, and we paid under sixty dollars per night through Hotels.com!  Not counting taxes.  Still, it was SO reasonable for everything it offered.

Our room was modern, clean, beautiful, and everyone had their own space.  Not that we still didn’t fight over who was going to sleep where.  Lol!

There were two double beds, and a huge pull out sofa bed, separated by a half wall.  The beds weren’t all that comfortable.  But the space was such a blessing that it was easy to tolerate the hard mattresses for the two night stay we had booked. 

The sink was separate from the bathroom and and surrounded by a spacious counter between the bathroom and closet.  On the other side of the closet was a desk area complete with internet hook up and plenty of space for junk.  You can just make out part of a computer screen on that desk in the picture below(center left).spacious room 2

There is actually another counter top with sink and mirror opposite the desk.    That’s where the fridge and coffee maker were.  I promptly claimed that area as my personal get-ready-in-the-morning space.  You know I’m where the coffee is. :)

Then to the right of where I’m standing to take this picture, there was a small dinette table and chairs. 

So really, there was oodles of space.

The most impressive feature of the room (to the guys) was the huge 42 inch flat screen TV that could be viewed from the couch area or the beds.  We didn’t spend a whole lot of time in the room, but it would have been wonderful had we had more time.

Heated Pool blissTheir indoor pool was heated.  Although we only got to swim once during our stay, the water was warm enough for even my husband and I to enjoy it.  I hate cold water anymore.  I guess I’m just getting old.


Heated pool

For breakfast, you could choose from the standard cold buffet which came with the room.  You know, the standard cereal, fresh fruit salad (YUM!!), Yogurt, and toast/bagels, etc.  Or, you could order eggs and bacon and things for around five bucks.   Although it was quite pricey, they also had a menu of things available around the clock. 

They offered a free shuttle service to the train station (which we used and I can’t wait to tell you about!).  That made it nice for us to go to the city without the hassle of fighting crazy traffic.

I’m already looking for another Hyatt Place for our next vacation in the summer.  I’d definitely recommend this hotel chain.  Especially if you have more than two children. 

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Mari said...

It looks wonderful! If we ever go to Chicago, I'll remember this!

The Real Me! said...

That sounds great my friend. Since I have 3 children myself. But I am a bit phobic of hotels. My kids could tell you stories! Not to mention my poor husband. LOL!