Monday, January 25, 2010

We’re Behind You All The Way! Go COLTS!!

We live in Indiana. And When you live in Indiana, you live and breathe and walk among incredibly dedicated COLTS fans. And for good reason.

For us, it started with Tony Dungee’s inspiring testimony and heart for ministry when we moved here 6 years ago. We’ve been big fans of the team ever since.

Yet, even without Tony Dungee, they continue to have a great reputation both as a team, and as individuals. As parents of three impressionable boys, having a home team like them is almost like being given a gift.

And how can you not like Peyton Manning?

Besides being arguably the best quarter back ev-er, Peyton is someone I’m happy to have my boys look up to. His integrity, humility and ability to adapt to whatever comes his way make him a truly great role model.

And he’s funny, too!

So, in anticipation of yesterday’s big playoff game with the Jets, we donned our blue, like all good Hoosiers, and settled down in front of the TV. We didn’t have “war paint” or “blue hair” like we saw on people at the Turkey Hill after church, Lol!. But we were just as excited.

go coltsAdmittedly, the first half was all about the JETS. They had some truly GREAT plays!

But the second half was all about he COLTS Go Colts 2Peyton didn’t let us down.

Today, we couldn’t be happier for the team. The COLTS are going to the Super Bowl in Miami. And taking us along for the ride. :)

Well, not literally. We aren’t rich. Lol! (But wouldn’t that be something?)go colts 4

Instead, we’ll be right here cheering them on! Win or lose. Because we’re cheering for more than the team.

We’re cheering for great role models!

What role models do you see as worthy of encouraging your kids to follow?

I’m joining up with other Mom’s today at Mom Monday. Won’t you join us?


Mari said...

We aren't big football watchers here, but it sure looks like you all had fun! And, I like Tony Dungee too.

Keetha Broyles said...


Peytie (that's what I call Peyton sometimes) SCARED the daylights out of me in the second quarter - - - - but all was righted in the third.

It will be HARD to stop our boys now - - - I'm "feeling" another super bowl ring!

For the boys, of course, not for me!

I DO have blue hair, and will PROBABLY wear it on the 7th.

Genny said...

I love all the blue and your team spirit. Too fun!

I'm so glad you linked up today and thanks for the mention!

Tracey said...

Another Colts fan here! :) Looking forward to the Super Bowl!

Sandy@JesusandDark Choc said...

Love the picture of all you dressed in blue ready for some football!! :)
I read Tony Dungy's book and loved it. So inspirational, I can see how you could all become fans.
I like Peyton Manning, what great fun it is for your boys to be able to watch him.
Should be a good Super Bowl! Enjoy the 2 weeks leading up to the big game with your boys!

1grown2togo said...

Great family fun time!! We <3 football too!! Found you on Mom Mondays new GFC follower~Shar