Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Second Lesson (I’m A Slow Learner)

Don’t cha hate it when God gives you more practice with the very sort of thing that chafes you most?  Like finding joy in unexpected trials.  This can be hard, especially for a routine-loving mamma like me.  MY first lesson left me with sore leg muscles today. 

So when God sent a second opportunity for me to “find joy” yesterday, I was not amused.  I didn’t feel “more loved” because He cared enough to challenge me again.  I was really kind of annoyed.  Truth be told.

The lights went out just as I was starting dinner and my immediate response was to chafe at the inconvenience.  Power Outage 1There must have been lots of folks who needed practice with this, because the outage was widespread.  And they must all be slow learners like me, because it stayed out for a LONG time.

After an hour, I resigned myself to getting dinner without the electricity.  

“Very funny, Lord,” I muttered as I hung a flashlight from the fan knob above the gas range.    Power Outage 2

We ate by lantern light.  And the boys couldn’t see the peppers and onions to pick them out of the chicken and rice. 

I smiled. 

And then suddenly I found it totally amusing.  Downright funny, actually.  In a way that only a mom of picky eaters can understand. 

And my smile turned into a lingering chuckle.

Afterwards, I stacked the dishes on the counter with a tinge of frustration.  I hate leaving messes.  

But with nothing else I could do, I finally settled down on my favorite chair with a blanket, book, and flashlight. 

A forced time-out, I thought, and found my smile again. 

No computer.  No dishes.  No baths for the kids.

The boys played with LEGOS.  They flew their space ships and speeders.  Hid in dark corners.  Made forts at each end of the hallway.  Used their flashlights as laser cannons.  Got excited about going outside to find a tree (he-hem).  And exclaimed several times “how cool” this was.

And for the second time in the space of a day, I was treated to a lesson in how to find joy in the unexpected. 

I realize I’m slow.  But what I’m learning is that…

Sometimes you just have to start with a smile.

And if  you get stuck, watch your kids.

They’re naturals at finding the fun, and happy to have you along.


Olivia said...

Beautiful! I think my kids would LOVE a power outage. If they EVER find a flashlight, they can't stand for a light in the house to be on. Playing in the dark is novel.

Christina said...

I think you underestimate your speed at learning. I am impressed and encouraged to rise to all the occasions that rear their ugly (uh, I mean...joyfully unexpected) heads. I hope today is "better" for you.

Aimee said...

I have 2 picky kids...maybe I should shut off the electricity at mealtime!

Aimee said...

I have 2 picky kids...maybe I should cut the power off at mealtime!

Xmas Dolly said...

Shame on you, Mom. That's a heck of a way to get those poor precious little boys to eat there veggies. LOL Love it! Definitely going to try that one on my grandchildren. I'm your latest follower. Hope you can find time to follow me.

Mari said...

Hooray for you in seeing the bright side! I need to remember that the next time our power goes out, because I have a history of being a nit grumpy about it.

Erin said...

Not only do I have a picky eater but I was one! I think once I hit the 1st pepper I would have let myself starve! haha