Saturday, January 2, 2010

Quite A Visitor

This little fellow escorted five of his lady friends through our front yard today. 


“Little” wasn’t quite the word my husband uttered when he spotted it. He compared this white tail buck to a Jersey cow. 

In spite of the time of day (around noon), and the fact that people were out and about not too far away, he didn’t seem to be in any hurry.  He just browsed his way along.  Nibbling this, and tasting that. 

Buck 2

He must have enjoyed that little green patch of green grass, because he spent quite a while grazing there.

Buck 3

Then, he walked the long way around the fence and down the hedgerow.   What a beauty!

He gave me one final look before disappearing into the woods after the last doe.

Buck 4

I thought you might enjoy him as much as we did.  :)   My husband counted 10 points.  I counted 11.  Do you, or don’t you count the little points that raise up just a fraction?  Just curious…

Now, we’re off to enjoy dinner at Olive Garden, complements of my parents.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!  :)

Hope you are enjoying your last bit of Christmas Break!


Mari said...

That is awesome! I bet you were all thrilled to see him and his friends. My son says if you can hook a ring on that point, it counts.

Keetha Broyles said...

Wow - - - he's a gorgeous visitor!

It Feels Like Chaos said...

Wow, so neat! I also love you pictures from the post before about what's going on at your place -- way to go documenting what it is like the week after Christmas when you have kids around!

Christina said...

Wow! What an amazing opportunity. Your photos are beautiful.