Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Budget Flowers Don’t Have To Be Ugly!

Dollar Tree RoseFor my Moms/Girls Night IN party, I was keeping my eyes open for a distinctively feminine table decoration/center piece.

No, I didn’t HAVE to buy anything, and neither (obviously) do you for a party.  It’s just that I hardly ever do something so frivolous and I had a hankering for something new.

This time of year, flowers are always a nice touch, and these feminine pink roses caught my attention.

The back story on this is that for years, I lived just 15 minutes from the Flower Warehouse in Blue Ball, Pennsylvania.  They had every imaginable variation of silk and dried flowers/plants you could possibly imagine.  Hundreds and hundreds of square feet to wander through.  A decorators dream.  Sigh.

Naturally, I became a flower snob.   With so much to chose from in a quality no other store could match,  there was no need to settle for less than the best.

Even today, I would rather do nothing, than do gaudy.  And sadly, there is little here in Indiana which can compare to the  Flower Warehouse.

However, like I said, these lovely silk flowers (which I found in the most unlikely of places) caught my attention!  I know you are wondering where.  But wait.

I picked out one stem of silk roses, two of pink tipped carnations, a sprig of baby’s breath and a stem of (decidedly plastic) ferns.  From the the next isle over, I picked up a large clear vase and three net bags of glass pieces (in green and white). 

And this, this great big beautiful arrangement, went home with me.

Dollar Tree Flowers 2

What did it cost me?  Just $9!  Now do you know where I found them?  Yep. The Dollar Tree! 

I’m still a flower snob.  But I’m tickled pink with this frugal arrangement. 

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