Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why Facebook Is Totally Worth The Time It Consumes

I’m not really a Facebook regular.  I’m more of a sporadic lurker who occasionally drops a comment.  Or hits the “like” button.  I saw today that you can “unlike” something.  But where is the “dislike” button for something you don’t like in the first place?  Do you have to “like” it and then “unlike” it to say you don’t like it???  In which case, should you be clicking on anything at all about it? 

Things like this intrigue me.


When I’m there (on Facebook), I can very easily get lost in the maze of connections and comments until I’m following the thread of someone I don’t even know.  Am I alone?

Well, not all of that thread-tracing is a waste of time.  Today I found this comical tidbit.  Of course, I have no idea who the woman was doing the quoting, much less the husband she quoted. 

But it’s good.  She says,

My husband the military operations planner says two things "When you wait until the last minute, it only takes a minute." and "He who plans early plans twice." :-D

Thanks to her, I’ve learned two things.

First, my sons have a future in the military.

And second, husbands have no idea how far their words can travel on Facebook.


The Real Me! said...

This was so true my friend. So true!! I think they are working on the "dislike" button. I know I wished they had one! LOL

Penny said...

LOL! "Like!"

Amy said...

I admit... FB fan here! And your words are so true! :)