Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What’s In Your Neck Of The Woods? A Link You’ll Want to Bookmark!


If it wiggles, bites, or causes rashes, your kids will likely find it.  And if you’re lucky ( he-hem) sometimes they’ll even bring it in to ask you what it is.

This handsome fellow was rescued from the path of a lawn mower.  He wound up (literally) in a five-gallon bucket for identification before being sent on his merry way.

In our attempt to I.D him, we came across this helpful (and fun) guide designed to help you identify the plants and animals in your own back yard.  It’s called ZipGuides and it allows you to search by Zip code or map region for any of the following categories:

  • All Species of Animals and Plants
  • Threatened and Endangered Species
  • Poisonous and Dangerous Species
  • and Mammal Tracks (how cool is this?)

Let’s face it.  If you have kids, and they play outside, you’ll be introduced to a whole host of things you never knew existed!  Or at least never cared to identify before.  Lol!  This site Works For Me!  Especially since my boys are old enough to do the searches on their own!

I caution you though.  If you don’t want them carting their finds through your front door to look them up, have a camera handy.  You can help them capture different sides or poses which they can use later in their identification process.  That is, AFTER they have seen the “find” safely to a better home. 

I’m not altogether sure what this snake was.  He had some characteristics of both the Eastern Garter snake and the Texas Brown Snake.  I’m thinking he was in the Brown snake family. 

Can anyone help me out?

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Jenny said...

That's a neat site!

I ran a snake over with the lawn mower once :( He was under leaves and I had no idea. It was really upsetting, I decapitated him!

Mari said...

What a neat site! Our kids are now grown, but we still sometimes wonder about critters and plants, so thanks!