Friday, October 16, 2009

Scrap That Big Sac

After giving the sleeping arrangements for our family camping outing a little more thought, I decided to scrap the big sac idea (pinning a single bag onto a double double bag). 

Having my little one sleeping with us in our bag seemed like a sure recipe for sleep deprivation.  Not to mention countless bruises from his bony knees and elbows!  And anyone who has ever taken kids camping KNOWS that a Mamma needs every minute of sleep and peace she can get. 

So, I decided that my husband and I will take just the double bag and sleep on the smaller side of the camper.  Third bed

And the three boys will each get there own warm sleeping bag to spread out on the king size bed.

Way over on the other side of the camper.  :)Inside of Colman Popup kingsize bed

After dark, we did another dry run last night to see how we would all fit in this new arrangement and, apart from the bickering over who got which spot on the bed, it went well.  The boys had plenty of room, and will even have room left over to put their duffle bags.

As we settled in, my middle boy sat up against the far window and said, “Mom, why does it seem like you are SO far away?”  Lol!  I was warmed by his comment.  I took it as evidence that he still prefers to be near us.  (It couldn’t possibly be an assessment of how much they could tactically get away with.)

Seeing their little silhouettes against the canvas really did make them look small and distant.  To my way of thinking, in any case, that’s not exactly a bad thing when Mom and Dad are trying to get some sleep! 

Will they touch each other?  Probably.  Will it be traumatic ?  No doubt!  Will there be poking, tickling, tattling, giggling, sock throwing, playing, and rude noises over there? 

I’ve got three boys. 

Enough said.

But with any luck, their Mom and Dad will get some sleep.

Six more days till we leave!

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