Friday, October 2, 2009


I snuck this picture out the front door one day a few weeks ago.  Doesn’t he look peaceful enough to doze off?  I thought he might.  But he didn’t.  I ended up going out to join him and snuggling under his blanket.P1010262

Moments like this are few and far between these days. 

This past week was especially hectic.  Soccer, homework, major tests, big projects, several doctor’s appointments, and all late nights combined to add a whopping dose of rush and stress.

Around here, that’s a recipe for arguments, scuffles and a whole bunch of refereeing.  I am SO glad it’s Friday. 

This weekend, I’d like nothing more than to find that swing and recapture the peace.  But with two soccer games on opposite sides of the state, I’ll have to make do in the car.

Peace.  We moms find so little of it.  Yet it is so critical to our hearts and homes. 

James said:

Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.  James 3:18

He didn’t say peacekeepers.  He said peacemakers.  When I make one child give into another for the sake of peace, that peace is fragile at best.

Peacemaking is firmly but gently planting the seed of truth in another’s heart.  It’s quieting the storm, so right decisions can be made.  It’s capturing the attention of strangers and pointing them towards Christ.  It’s weaving a fabric that won’t easily be torn.

Peacemaking goes deeper than peacekeeping.  It’s a mission made for mothers, and desperately needed in our homes.  It’s not that much harder.  But it has to start with us. 

Nourish a spirit of peace in my heart today, Lord.  And help me to plant seeds of peace, so that You can bring a harvest of righteousness. 

Have a peaceful weekend, friends!


Mari said...

That is a really sweet picture!

Just Breathe said...

Life is forever busy with children.
I love that photo.