Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kicking It Up A Notch

Soccer scrimmage

All right.  I have a confession to make.  I’m falling behind in too many things to count.  I am pretty much up to my eyeballs in soccer practices, school reports, doctor’s appointments and home improvement projects.  (My two guys are facing towards each other in the middle of the above scrimmage picture.)   

The fact that we are about to kick it up a notch by throwing in two games per weekend has me wide-eyed and holding on as the shoe horn of life squeezes more “stuff” into our already bulging schedule.  

Sandwiches and cereal are commonplace dinners.  Clutter and dust have taken the high ground.  And progress on home improvement projects has slowed to a crawl. 

As a mom, I’m missing my evenings.  Because the soccer field is so far away, Little Peanut and I stay and “hang out” for the two hour practices.    Sometimes he is good, and I can bring a few things to do.  And sometimes, like below, he tests the boundaries.  I had to zoom in for this picture of him skirting the far reaches of where he is allowed to go.  Can’t you just see the look of challenge in his eyes??    Soccer scrimmage and the peanut

Sometimes we bring puzzles to do in the back of the car.  Sometimes story books.  Sometimes our portable sand box.  Sometimes my husband meets us there after work, like last night, and we just chat and watch the happenings.

But I generally like to use our waiting and driving time to get what we can done. If I can spare the eye, I spot check the boys’ homework while we wait.  Sometimes the boys can quiz each other for tests in the car.  And sometimes their mood is better suited for the boxing ring. 

But no matter how much we try, there are usually still things to do when we get home, making for late nights and cranky mornings.  And lots of catch up for me during the days. 

Sooooo, if you haven’t gotten a comment from me in a while, it doesn’t mean I’m not stopping by.  Because I am!  It just means that I feel guilty about spending the extra time on the computer.  Waiting for my incredibly slow connection to crawl through the screens necessary to say hello. 

Forgive me??

I hope to be back in the full swing of things soon.  But in the mean time.  Survival is the name of my game.

Speaking of survival.  I would appreciate your prayers for wisdom concerning our oldest son.  He did something to his knee at soccer last night and the pain is lingering.  Since there is no obvious swelling or bruising, I’m kind of playing it by ear and giving it a little time.  We’re doing the brace, ice and Advil thing.  But he is determined not to miss school. Or soccer.   


Beth@Not a Bow in Sight said...

Oh, I can so relate right now! Most of our time right now is spent in the car it seems! And my 1 year old is not liking it...I love watching them play though...

Christina said...

Wow! And I thought I was buys with two boys under two. ; ) It sounds like you're doing well, though. Keep up the good work!

Tracey said...

Wow - you have lots going on!! I was looking at the calendar today and realizing how quickly the holidays will be here. Eek!!