Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Holiday Weekend Tackles

yard sale This weekend was pretty productive for us with two big tackles. 

It started out with a neighborhood yard sale which we hosted.  Out of those that participated, three other families joined us in our yard and we had such a great time!  Everyone brought their junk, along with some food for lunch, and we made a family picnic out of it. 

What can be better than getting rid of clutter, hanging out with friends, and making a little cash—all at the same time??

Sunday, I listed some of the bulky things (which we hadn’t sold Saturday) on Craig’s List.   And already, some of those things have sold!  It’s such a blessing!  Especially since we are making some big purchases soon.

Our other big tackle was in our play room.  We have two doors there which were poorly installed, majorly abused, and in need of replacement.  We’ve been meaning to do more than tape them Too Much of the Great Stuffup in the winter ever since we moved in (6 years ago!).  Isn’t it terrible that we are just now getting around to it??

Anyhow, Sunday, we tackled re-shimming a door and filling in the gaps with a can of GREAT STUFF (foam filler).  If you ever use the stuff, keep in mind that some types REALLY EXPAND!!!!  We apparently didn’t allow for enough expansion because the stuff kept bubbling out of the cracks! 

For more than a half hour!  Lol! 

My husband and I grabbed shims to scoop the ooze as it threatened to glop onto our carpet.  Which of course we didn’t think to cover before hand!  We just kept scooping. And scooping.  And scooping!

I was so relieved when the stuff finally slowed down!  The moral of the story is this…You CAN apparently have too much of the GREAT STUFF!  Lol!

Oh, the fun of DIYS jobs where you learn as you go! 

I think GREAT STUFF actually makes a foam that has less expansion, but I wasn’t sure which one to get…  I’ll look more closely at the labels next time!

So now we just need to finish trimming the cured foam and replace the molding.  Then we’ll be able to cross off the purchase of one new door from our shopping list.  Yeah!! 

I’m so thankful for the money we were able to make and save this weekend, and for a husband able and willing to help with it all! 

So what did you do this weekend for fun?

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Mari said...

You had a great weekend! Don't you love it when you accomplish that much? I had to work all three days, so I didn't accomplish anything extra.

Susie said...

Awesome tackles:-)

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I need to get started on a yard sale, too. Maybe you should do a post on yard sale tips. That would be awesome!