Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Browse Magazines Online?

Abundant Frugal Life posted this link for Taste Of Home Magazine (Thank you!).  It takes you to a list of back issues which you can browse online for free.  I thought it was worth sharing with you (in case you’re not familiar with it) to give you an idea what the magazine is like.   

I used to subscribe years ago, and there were a few themed issues with which I couldn’t part.  Like the one with tons of potato recipes.  Or the ones which featured chicken, beef, and pork recipes.  I still grab these issues when I’m looking for ideas. 

I love Taste Of Home!  And some of their pictures no doubt add inches to my waste just looking at them! 

That said, I went to this link, all excited, and got about 6 pages into it before I gave up.  Why, you ask??

With a hard copy of the magazine, I can flip through the pages with ease and skip over things I’m obviously not interested in.  (Like recipes which call for high priced ingredients like shrimp and lobster.)  I can also take a hard copy in the car to look at while I’m waiting for the boys after school, or during soccer practices.  Or just to sit on the porch and enjoy with a mug of coffee. 

But with an online file, you are tied to your computer.  You have to wait for each page to load.  And readjust the page to the part you want to see.  And enlarge it.  Where’s the fun in that?  There might be wonderful things to see and enjoy. 

But who has the time??

I’m fairly confident this is a teaser to get you to subscribe.  Because there’s a big old subscribe button at the top.  And perhaps the online versions do drive busy moms to do just that.  I don’t know. 

But it raises an interesting question.  How many people actually subscribe to online versions of magazines?    And can online magazines compete with hardcopy subscriptions? 

When I get invitations to try free online subscriptions, I delete them immediately.  Because I don’t want to be tied to my computer.  (Ironic, since I sit here typing.)  But that’s just it.  Most people spend enough time on their computers in their work and daily lives, that the idea of perusing a magazine online (for fun) loses appeal.  At least to my way of thinking.

Hmm.  Like how I start out recommending something, and then shoot the whole idea down?  I’m not sure how I got on this rabbit trail.  Oh, yes, I got impatient and gave up on a chance to browse one of my all time favorite magazines!

Anyhow, now I’m intrigued.

Before you hop on over to see how long you last browsing Taste Of Home’s back issues, tell me, how do you feel about online subscriptions to magazines?  

And…be honest, would something like this promotion inspire you to purchase a subscription?  Yes?  No? 

If you don’t have a strong opinion, maybe you will after- you give it a try.  :)  Lol!  Just don’t forget to come back and let the rest of us know!


Just Breathe said...

I've never tried one. I do like getting mine at home so I can take my time. I doubt I would ever sign up for one online.

Amy said...

It's about the time issue with me, as well. I like being able to read a little, put it down... and then pick it up again later.