Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bob, B-O-B Bob

Kraft Foods has some simple free pumpkin carving patterns and tips you can print out.  Among them is one called “Batty Bob.”

Batty BobThe significance of this is best understood in light of our newest family member. 

It started last week when we were instant messaging with his dad (who was in Germany).

With all three boys interjecting, sometimes it gets crazy.  Especially since all the boys sound alike.  (We don’t have a video set-up, just audio.) 

At one point my husband said, “Who am I talking to now?”

To which, my five-year-old said, clear out of the blue, “Bob, B-O-B Bob.”  Just like that.  (Definitely NOT his real name Lol!)  We all burst out laughing, of course. 

We’re still not sure where he came up with Bob, or how to spell it for that matter. 

But he’s still Bob.

Even at soccer and church.  It’s very confusing, I might add, to the poor Sunday school workers filling in for his teacher.

So naturally, when I saw this pattern and title, I thought of my son.

It’s now printed out and awaiting the perfect pumpkin.  “Batty Bob” will make his debut on our campsite in two weeks! 

I wonder if Bob will still be with us? 

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