Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Landscape Cart

Yard Cart 1

This year we purchased this humongous yard cart to help move mulch. I was skeptical as to whether it was “over kill”. The store had smaller carts that would have saved me a little money. But my husband insisted that this was the cart for us saying, “Bigger is better!” (Insert manly grunt)

But now that we have it, let me tell you, this thing is the cat’s meow! Even fully loaded, it handles easily. It’s well balanced and doesn’t pull on my back like some carts. In fact, all three boys rode in it out to the car when we bought it! Yard Cart 2

We like its flat front, high clearance, solid wheels and how far it reaches out over the flower beds. My husband could wheel it in over plants and I could simply rake out how much mulch I wanted--where ever I wanted it.

And the padded handle? That’s just icing on the cake.

We’ve done the tractor and wagon thing, the wheel barrel thing, and even the bucket brigade thing. This is by far the most efficient method we’ve ever tried. Did I tell you we get mulch by the dump truck load? We have LOTS of flower beds!

This cart was definitely worth the hundred dollars we spent on it at Rural King. Other Farm Supply Stores will probably be carrying it as well.

I’m thinking it will be wonderful for cleaning up leaves in the fall, too.

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It Feels Like Chaos said...

I love the part about all 3 boys riding in it to the car -- so funny! And I guess that is another benefit of it. I could see myself hauling my kids around for rides in the backyard just to amuse them and stave off the fighting during that 5PM "witching hour"!

The Prudent Homemaker said...

What a beuatiful yard! I love your flowers and all that grass!

Keetha said...

Bigger is better is SUCH a man thing - - - glad it worked out well for you this time.

flowerpot said...

Your yard is pretty! I love a good wheel barrow/cart.

Muthering Heights said...

That looks so handy...what a great tip!

The Real Me! said...

I tell ya,there is nothing like having the right tools to make the job go a little bit smoother and a little bit easier! I may have to show my husband that thing. We have a wheelbarrow and it's a pain.