Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Upgrade Heaven

My New Computer

Meet my new computer!  New to me, that is.  It is so nice not to have to squint at a small dark screen.  I can slide the lap top (together with its base attachment) under my desk organizer and still have room to set the lightweight monitor on top of it.

It is wonderful to have more desk space!

My munchkin thinks so, too.  He now has room to sort his letter flashcards on the desk while I work.  I have a chest with cushions against the side of my desk which makes the perfect spot for him to sit while we work.  

And another bonus of the upgrade?

The Boys computerThe boys get my old laptop, which is far better than what they were using to do their school research.  This, by the way was another “trash pick” that my husband was able to resurrect.

We’re shameless, I know.

Do you trash pick??  Be honest, now.  I’d love to hear about your finds, if you do!


Christina said...

Sure thing! One of my favorite decor elements in our living room is a lamp rescued from a dumpster. ; )

Keetha said...

Your new lappy is lookin' good in its new neighborhood!!!!

Mari said...

It looks so nice! I don't trash pick because I never seem to have good luck like that ansd I'm not talented like your hubby! I wish I could get things like you did!