Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Thrifty Finds

Boys summer clothes

It has been a while since I checked out our Goodwill. But with the boys starting soccer soon, and the weather turning warmer, I needed to pick up some summer and sports practice outfits.

I found a bunch of Adidas and Starter pieces, as well as some plain old basketball type shirts and shorts, a couple of hoodies and two pairs of athletic pants! In all, there were 19 pieces and my total was still under $25! The boys were thrilled.

So thrilled, I had to send my 9 year old back to his bedroom this morning because he had put on FOUR of the shirts!

I understand choices are tough!! Lol! But I do the laundry…

Dishes and BowlsAs a bonus, I found four dinner plates and two bowls to restock my dwindling service. ($.50/pc.) Did I tell you I have three boys and there are often casualties in the kitchen??

The two pretty serving bowls were just for fun (at a dollar a piece) and they match some pretty blue vases like this one that I collect.

I love Goodwill!

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Mari said...

You did great! Don't you love a bargain?

Mrs. Petrie said...

Wow, what a steal! Good hunting. ;)

Tracy said...

Oh wow, great finds! You really scored both in the clothes and the dishes. Way to go!

Holly said...

That's telling how much those athletic clothes would have cost you at retail! Love the pretty blue bowls too.
Thanks for participating :)

Keetha said...

Sometimes Good Will is THE BEST! I used to find designer clothes for myself there back in the day - - -

It Feels Like Chaos said...

That is such a great idea to shop Goodwill for practice clothes! I need to do that!

Golightly said...

Love this post, "Thrift Store Thursday" I'll have to remember that since I've posted thrift store and flea market finds before. Great finds!