Sunday, February 22, 2009

Paint Shop Pro 8
Experimenting With New Header Designs

We're still having a Bucket Party around here. My middle son could have used one (a bucket) last night around midnight. Too bad he didn't have one assigned yet. If you aren't sure what I'm talking about, you're probably better off.

But if you can't sleep till you know, read here.

Naturally, we're trying to keep our germies to ourselves and stick close to home.

One would think that I would be industrious enough to clean the house, or straighten up, or even finish the yucky laundry.

But, nah. That's no fun. Besides, my wonderful husband is taking care of the laundry our latest bucket party generated.

Instead, I've been playing around with Paint Shop Pro 8, experimenting with different header designs. The header above is one of my new versions.

This is another one. But it's harder to choose colors to go with it.

Don't be surprised if you see several more versions pass overhead. The one at the top of my page is actually the fifth one I've tried over the last two days.

It seems that when I find a header design I like, I can't find blogger colors that coordinate with it. Or, I learn something new that my Paint Shop program can do, and I have to try it out.

Although I love playing around with it, this is not something that comes easily to me. I might as well be reading the manual in a foreign language for how well I'm able to follow its directions.

There's another thing, too, that keeps frustrating me. My blogger template does not allow me to delete the header background color. Part of it still shows around my image and it often takes away from the design. I took down the silver framed version because there simply wasn't a good choice of color from blogger's palette to put with it.

So many of your blog designs out there look absolutely beautiful, and I think, hmm. I wonder how they do that...

Maybe I'll get really brave and try out a whole new template.
But for now, I'm just playing around. If you have a secret formula for making a beautiful blog header (and want to share it), I'm all ears!!


Christina said...

Oh, I do hope you all start feeling well soon! My son had a nasty little flu bug last week...yuck. I like your experimentation with the new header. Don't be too scared to try a new template; you can always change it back. ; )

Aly @ Lip Zip said...

Eek. Sorry to hear about the bucket party.

I've never tried to design a header for blogger so this may not help but I have lots of PSP experience. If you can create a bottom layer on your header PSP file, flood fill it with the dark blue that surrounds your blogger.That will get rid of the edges that surround your image. Like I said, not sure how blogger's template system works but your image could go edge to edge to hide that background color I'll bet.

I hope this helps!