Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Final Game

My friend took this great picture of my son heading down the court. In an effort to protect the privacy of the players, I cropped it and converted it to a charcoal drawing so the proud momma in me could share it with you!

This was the first year that our elementary school boys had enough interest in Basketball to form a team. As in the case of my oldest son, many of the players brought no prior experience. But they worked hard. VERY hard. As a result, they had a decent season.

I don't know what the stats were. They weren't important to me. (Shoot, I was lucky to know what was going on half the time! lol!) But there was something pretty special about witnessing the transformation of this group of boys into a close group of friends, and a cohesive team.

The friendships they created through hours of tough practices and many hard games will last long after the Closing Ceremonies wrap up on Saturday.

There was a lot of growing up on those courts.

We're all proud of you, guys! Great work!

We're also pretty (dol-gone) excited about sleeping-in again on Saturdays. . .at least until Soccer starts.


Joanne said...

Thanks for stopping by today!

Team sports can be so much fun. I have to admit that I played soccer myself as a yougin. Now having watched both my daughters AND sons play on sports teams....boys have been much more fun to watch, hands down!

Shhhhh don't tell my girls I said that!

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

I love how boys can do that.....become friends, love the sport they are playing and work hard at it.
Sounds like a great season! Fun picture also. :)