Monday, February 16, 2009

Double Holiday!

Here at our house, we are not only celebrating President's Day, we're celebrating my Birthday! Unfortunately, everyone but my husband has the day off!

President's Day has often given me my birthday off, and it always made me feel extra lucky as a kid!

Yesterday, at Kroger's, my husband picked up a Valentine's Day Cake (on sale) so that I wouldn't have to make my own cake. Wasn't that sweet (not to mention frugal!)??

Actually, I wouldn't have minded. I'd probably have made a pan of brownies and had the boys help me decorate it.

But this cake looks heavenly: A Chocolate cake, with rich chocolate frosting. The sides are coated with crushed Oreos. Mmmm.

I'm thinking of posting a guard at the table to ensure it makes it to dinnertime--not because of the boys, but because of me!!!

We also cooked a turkey last night. So, tonight we get to have all the turkey fixings without the mess. (Love that!) It was a big bird, so we were able to freeze two big packs of meat and still have enough to give us several meals this week.

Anyhow, Birthdays have never been a really big thing for me. But recently, I had a friend's daughter ask me to write a letter to be included in a birthday gift for her mom who was turning the big 4-0.

Having lived through that day last year myself, it was a fun project, and I thought I would share excerpts from it with you today.

The Fortieth Birthday is, in my opinion, the very best year of one's life. (If it gets better after this, I'll let you know. I'm just finishing up my fortieth year.)

Here's why: You are old enough to have earned a few grey hairs and the respect to go with it. But, you are still young enough to catch the kids when they are being ornery and soundly beat them in whatever game you're playing.

You get to claim your "advanced age" when there is a foot of snow and the driveway needs shoveling; or when you need help with lugging a heavy bucket of mop water from room to room; or when you forget something important like...well, I'll tell you when I remember.

Yet, you are "still young enough" to do absolutely anything you want--like ride a roller coaster, take a hike, sled down a hill, or what EVER the spirit moves you to do!!!

But, do you know what the best part is? In this life stage, you get to do everything WITH your kids.

Let's face it, in the past, you had to find a babysitter in order to do something fun with your husband--or even get anything done! And, in the future, they'll be thinking about college and caught up in a world of their own.
But right now--right now, it's all about family togetherness.

O.K., so sometimes all that togetherness can be a bit over-rated...


Seriously, at this age, it's wonderful to joke with and carry on with your kids--but still be the boss.

It's a shame, though, that just when you start to really enjoy having the kids along on all the excursions, you have to start paying "adult prices" for them at restaurants and tourist traps. That stinks!

Anyway, make the most of every day. This is a special time of life that comes only once.

So, with two boys pestering for me to join them in UNO, and one who desperately wants to learn how to play, I'm going to get off this keyboard and go take my own advice. I'm going to enjoy this day (and age) that only comes around once!

Happy President's Day!

What are you all doing to celebrate this day? What do you normally do to celebrate your birthday?

Oh, yesss!! The game of choice just changed to Trouble! Let the competition begin!!!

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Mari said...

Happy Birthday! Have a great day!