Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ads By Google...Prompted by "Birthday"

Did you see Google's ad on my page? I mentioned having a birthday yesterday and what does the Google Ads program generate?? An add on WRINKLES! LOL! Jimmity Crickets!

Now, I really do recommend Google AdSense as an no-brainer way to generate a teensy-tiny income. They usually post ads closely related to the content I post, and many of the ads are helpful in providing additional resources to my readers. (In case you are wondering, I'm not getting paid if you click on the link in this paragraph.)

How the program works, as I understand it, is that you get paid for each click registered on an actual Google Ad on your site. In other words, if any of you actually clicked on that ad about Wrinkles (I won't tell), I got paid a fraction of a penny.

Well, I may get paid someday. They pay in increments of $100 dollars. Since my blog is relatively new, and I have only light traffic, my whopping total so far is only about $20.00. Maybe in a year or two, I'll have accumulated enough for a real honest-to-goodness paycheck.

I can live with that. It's writing I enjoy. If my hobby generates a few cents, that's icing on the cake.

But seriously, getting back to the ad in question, I said nothing about WRINKLES!

Why couldn't they have put up an ad on "Youthful Places to Visit", or "Fit Moms Running Marathons" or something??


I do have a few wrinkles.

But are they that obvious?

Don't answer that.

And, no, I'm not posting a picture and poll. . .

. . . not on your life!

If you have Google AdSense running on your site, what's the craziest ad they ever generated for you? Just curious . . .

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Mari said...

I have Google Adsense too and do enjoy seeing what ads I get. Right now I have something about carpet restoration and pet odors! I haven't posted anything about either!