Tuesday, March 10, 2009

About the Author

It has been a little over six months since I started blogging and I've been meaning to get around to an about link for a while. This is much harder than writing about my kiddos, so I've been pushing it off. But, anyway, here it goes!

I'm a forty-something mom to three boys (11, 9 and 4) which are as different as could be. I'm the wife of an incredibly patient guy who works as an engineer and happens to be wonderful father. He's definitely the better half.

We live in Central Indiana. But, I grew up in rural Pennsylvania. If you are curious about how we came to live in the land of corn fields, hogs, and tornadoes, you can read about it here. It's a fun story.

We mostly go east on vacations to see family and friends. But, someday, I'd love to go north and rent a cottage on Lake Michigan.

I spent a number of seasons in summer camp ministries, first as a staffer, then as a counselor, and eventually directing. So summer camps are dear to my heart, and I now enjoy sending my boys.

I have a degree in Elementary Education and treasure my years in the classroom.

I also have a degree in Bible, which is, sadly, no match for the questions a four-year-old can generate!

A perfect evening for me might include playing in the flower beds, working on a family project, taking a long walk with my husband, or playing soccer with my boys.

Other hobbies of mine include nagging (just kidding), reading, yard-saling, camping, wood working, and embarrassing my older sons. Oh, and did I mention blogging?

Although I thrive on organization, I am learning to live with a certain amount of chaos and confusion (which comes in buckets with a family of boys). My desk, however, is my space, and I guard it well!

I am a horrible speller.

I am a recovering Face Book addict.

I'm impatient, and a worrier, and lazy about cooking. When I'm frazzled, I can pop a gasket like no body's business. I am SO not perfect.

However, I am (thankfully) a child of the King, who loves me anyway, and He's not finished with me yet.


Christina said...

Thanks for the tidbits of insight into who you are. ; )

I'm certainly not a champion speller either.

Cheryl said...

I am shocked! You haven't changed since high school. Although I did notice the glasses on the table! It's so great to keep in touch this way.