Sunday, January 25, 2009

And The Winner Is.......

I just know you were all sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for this moment, so let's get to it.

Although this wasn't really a contest, and I don't have any prizes, Holly nailed it spot on and she has my absolute and total respect. For she was able to guess it without the benefit of being able to tilt the container and see it in all its total grossness. You go, girl!

It looks like that slime stuff that used to come in a little 'garbage can' back in the 70s/80s. Tell your boys they aren't the only Wii-less ones.

It wasn't until my son got home and immediately dumped it out on the counter that its nature became apparent. The story behind it is actually pretty nifty. Leave it to his (young) male teacher to come up with its complete awesomeness and appeal for boys.

Here's the story. Mr. X, (not his real name, but still really cool, like his idea) gave this slimy bucket of bug to all the kids who qualified for the BUG Club. Bug, as in, Bringing Up Grades Club. My son brought up his reading grade from a B to an A. Now, how cool is that?

Sadly, since Friday, the slime is no more.

Well, it still is, but it just isn't as fun any more.

Predictably, when a bucket of slime gets tucked in a pocket and forgotten about, it tends to coat the inside of the pocket in which it was left . . . Gross!

I guess that's why we moms and female teachers tend to avoid the most totally awesome and grossest rewards. LOL! But it was sure a cool thing while it lasted.

I wonder what will happen to it in the wash...

Oh, and thanks for your moral support on our Wii-less state. I now know of two other families in this vast universe that are suffering from the same bordering-on-child-abuse-Wii-less state. :)

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Christina said...

My husband sometimes hints that it's husband abuse to continue living in our wii-less state. ; ) hehe, but I tell him it leave the money free to buy cool stuff like his drum set and new guitar amp.

The slime looks like fun. I think that's part of why dedicated guy teachers are so successful: they think of diffent and creative ways of motivation than we do.