Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Morning

I had every intention of getting back on the computer Friday. But between getting the house ready for the association meeting and doing the normal sports things, it didn't happen. Then, yesterday was my errand day, which ended up taking much longer than usual.

But, through the business, there are some things I need to stop and be thankful for. I'll share them quick before I head off to church:

  • Dad is home from the hospital. He is doing great, and ready for a turkey hoagie. That should tell you something! I would love one, too, but I haven't found anyone who knows how to make a good one out here in the Midwest.

  • The association meeting went very well. In the past, meetings like these were full of stress and disagreement. But for the past few years, with a lot of leadership from my husband, the group has come together with a genuine attitude of good will. A few key things were decided and a new set of directors was elected. Thank you, Lord!

  • The roof leaks we discovered this week will be taken care of by a local contractor on Thursday and Friday. There is no rain forecast for this week, and the estimate he gave us was for far less than we expected. Thank you Lord!

  • We were able to pick up the stove parts we needed for our fireplace and are now enjoying a wonderfully warm morning! There is nothing like snuggling into a chair with a cup of coffee to enjoy the morning and the fire.

  • We took the time to have a movie night when we got home last night. It was a fun break from a busy schedule.

  • There is a turkey roasting in the oven. We actually have two more in the freezer. But with the sales on turkeys at this time of year, and knowing how much we love turkey, we decided to cook one up, eat some tonight, and freeze some packages for later in the winter.

  • We were able to pick up some little plastic fasteners from the Subaru dealership yesterday to fix the back casing on the hatch. It was constantly falling off when I opened the door and threatening to drive me right off the edge! It is so nice to have it securely in place.

I know these seem like little things. But they all remind me this morning that God is working, and taking care of even the little things.

We're off to church, and I'm hoping to do some toy reviews this afternoon in an effort to help people out who are looking for ideas for kids for Christmas.


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Christina said...

Sometimes the little things are big after all, you know? Thanks for sharing.