Thursday, November 13, 2008

Peace Maker Gone Bad

Mommies are many things. You know that. At their best, they are peace makers.

My four year old got into his brothers' room and decided to play with one of their most sentimental toys, given by Mom Mom and Pop Pop. A wiggly soldier doll.

Unfortunately, the doll didn't survive the play date. Crying big soppy tears, my little guy came out with the pieces cradled in both hands. Uh-oh. "This looks bad," I said. It reminded me of Humpty.

But, knowing the outrage that would ensue in just a few short hours when the boys get home, I decided to put on my surgical gown and try to put him back together again. Out came the fishing line and scissors and a close examination of how it should go.

The little guy sat in time out. Silent and worried. The tears still sliding down his cheeks.

I realized that the nails I just clipped off would have come in pretty handy for this surgery. But I did it. And actually, I was pretty pleased with myself. That is, until my little guy was allowed to come take a look.
"That's not right, Mommy. That piece should go down there. By his foot. "

"What do you mean, down there? Then his legs would be uneven. There weren't more parts, were there?"

"M-hm." He ran to the bedroom and came back with another small green bead.

Oh, dear. It seems I've put Humpty back together the wrong way and now he's two beads shorter and has the neck of a giraffe.

You think the boys will notice???


Kimberly said...

Oh my goodness. How funny. And how cute to see the pudgy little fingers pointing out your error.

Little ones put such faith in us, don't they? You will have to post how this one turns out!

Christina said...

Oh, no! I do hope this works out okay for you in the end. It reminds me of the time my favorite stuffed rabbit's oval nose fell off, and my dad hot glued it back on, only it was the wrong way! I was devastated (at least for a few hours).