Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's Crazy Over Here!

We're in the craziness of overlapping sports and activities this week. Evenings are a whirlwind and dinner is happening in shifts. My calendar, naturally, is glued to my hip lest I forget a child here or there.

Today's schedule includes a Student Council Meeting till 4:00, Soccer practice (the last one!) from 5:30-7:00, and Basket Ball Practice from 6:30-8:00. Understood is the need to eat, do homework, find the boys' bedroom floor, and shower somewhere along the way.

This is one night my husband can't be late from work or my carefully mapped out plan will crumble. His job will be to cover Soccer practice and hang with the little guy.

I'm covering the car pool from the bus stop (even though my boys won't be on the bus), the ride home from Student Council, dinner (deluxe weenie winks), B-Ball practice and supervision of the mundane.

It may seem like I'm carrying the bulk, but what makes it more than even is that the little guy has a nasty cold that has disabled his nose and made him Miserable. Note the capital M. Nothing short of some Daddy time will get (me) us through the evening.

Yesterday, however, I made sure that the little guy and I got out to enjoy the last bit of fall color. Our fire bushes are living up to their names! It was just so beautiful--72 degrees and sunny! It looks pretty nice today, yet, too. But the weather guys say a windy front will bring down the remaining leaves by tomorrow.

I'm learning more and more that you have to snag the down time when you can, even though your house needs attention. It's the old, give yourself some O2 first or you'll pass out and not be able to take care those who need you, directions from the airplane. Amazing how that carries into so many areas of a mom's life!

Taking a walk outside, spending some time in prayer, and reading a story to my little guy are some things that give me the O2 and perspective I need to meet the demands of life. Oh, and spending time catching up here! Here, by the way is a picture from Saturday's Trunk or Treat at the church. He LOVED the firetruck and equipment!

Now, for my walk. As Barbara Johnson said,

I've gone to look for myself.

If I should return before

I get back, keep me here!


Christina said...

I've had to learn that the people in my life (especially my husband and son) are more important than housework. I know what you're saying...eve though I don't have school meetings and sports to coordinate yet. ; )

me said...

Does Student Council meetings mean the boys election bids were successful?? Hang in there, friend - and when you get the chance, post the recipe for delux weenie winks. If I show my guys it's on your site, they might think it will be good. They still ask for bananas with p-nut butter and sprinkles. . .

Cheryl said...

Ugh, weenie-winks! If I remember correctly you did not like hamburgers and I did not like hot-dogs!
Your posts are so great, very insightful, too.