Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flying Solo
and Addressing the Propaganda

This is Day Three of a five day business trip for my husband. I haven't crashed yet. I haven't even lost a child in the commotion.

Life is still rolling along.

The boys are getting fed, as are the cats. I think. Homework is getting done. My oldest is making it to Basketball practices. We're (loosely speaking) studying for a major Social Studies test. We're (loosely speaking, again) also doing research for a big Indian project. We even made three dental appointments. ANNNND things are in place for the roofer man to come tomorrow and fix our leaks.

By His grace, I think I'm doing a fair job of holding the fort down.

However, yesterday, on our trip to the wood mill for kindling, my four year old noticed we made an out of the ordinary turn up a four lane highway. This is what came from the back seat:

"Mommy! Why are you going THIS way? Don't go up here! You shouldn't go this way when DADDY is not here."

"Oh? Why not?" I ask, peering into the rear view mirror.

"Cause we won't be able to find our house again, and we'll have to stay driving FOREVER! Cause we will get LOST."

I continued to accelerate up the highway, speechless for a moment.

"Oh, maaaan."

"We're NEVER gonna come home again, now."

The dejection in his voice was cracking me up. Can anyone say drama?

But, boy oh boy! I see how it is, now.

It's all in the approach. I stop for directions, often, if necessary. Why go farther if you are unsure? But his daddy, on the other hand, rarely stops for directions. After all, Daddy is always just exploring a new way. Wink. Nod. Forging on in the spirit of adventure!

Well, I see the propaganda has found it's mark.

I'm going to have to teach my boys that the fine art of asking for directions has merits. Someone has to dispel the propaganda!

Add that to my list.

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Cheryl said...

Sounds like your doing a great job!